A Quick Guide to Know The Different Rug Shapes

In this article, we’ll show you the many rug shapes that are available. The following shapes are given at Rug’Society: rectangle, round, oval, runner, square, and irregular. There is such a wide variety of rug shapes, so you can and should use them in different rooms.

How To Use The Different Rug Shapes

It’s likely that you’ve found yourself considering a wide range of different area rug shapes if you’re just beginning to use area rugs to decorate your home. Although it can be challenging to determine which forms are appropriate for your particular situation, you may want to stick to some shapes over others depending on the design you’re looking for in your home. In order to help you better understand what to look for the next time you buy for a rug for your house, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular area rug shapes in this post.

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The Differents Rug Shapes

The oldest and most common shape for area rugs is this one. This design is still in the lead when it comes to area rugs, and it won’t be leaving anytime soon.

With a few minor exceptions, using a square rug is practically as simple as using a rectangle one. A square rug can work nicely in transitional rooms and is also extremely traditional.

In most circumstances, round rugs are undoubtedly very contemporary. It’s common to find contemporary rooms decorated with round rugs in all sorts of sizes and materials.

Different Shapes
Not to mention, there are many rugs with unusual shapes available. Rugs come in a variety of unusual shapes, including stars, paw prints, florals, and many others.

Rug Shapes Projects Ideas

Projects with Rectangular Rug Shapes

Rectangular Rug Shapes in a dining room area

The dining room is one place where comfort shouldn’t take a back seat to grandeur. The abstract rug’s gray tones and design, which were influenced by the gemstone of the same name, make it a lovely accent to a dining area. This rug will create a stunning dining area that blends comfort and opulence when paired with current contemporary furnishings.

Rectangular Rug Shapes in a living room area

A stunning living room that serves both as a functional living space and a stunning, high-end space for your home. Showcasing the magnificent Koi Rug, this space tends to lose some of its appeal and naturalness because most other rooms lack the naturality that this rug gives.

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Projects with Round Rug Shapes

Round Rug Shapes in a bathroom area

This bathroom seems elegant and cozy thanks to the Oslo rug. This circular, long-pile rug was manufactured with Bamboo Silk and New Zealand wool and is modeled after the long, snow-white pile patches of the Norwegian capital. It adds a distinctive touch to the bathroom décor.

Round Rug Shapes in a hallway area

A gorgeous foyer with some of the finest and most expensive furniture from the Home’Society catalog. This environment is elevated with the addition of the lovely and distinctive Merfilus Rug, exhibiting an even more natural, upscale, and traditional atmosphere.


Projects with Square Rug Shapes

Square Rug Shapes in a living room area

A contemporary modern living room with the Coll Rug embellishing the flooring and a hint of Very Peri, the new Pantone color for 2022, to give it a fresh feel. The Coll rug design combines a natural, handmade wool rug with a minimalist aesthetic.

Square Rug Shapes in a hallway area

A stunning and vibrant DCO RUG will elegantly adorn the floors of your homes in this classic modern hallway. As soon as we enter the room, this square rug grabs our attention because of its vibrant colors and unique design and quickly establishes itself as the focal point of the space.


Inspired by the Art Deco movement, that peaked during the 1920s, Rug’Society created the DÊCO irregular rug, which represents the neutral collection in the best way possible. A handmade rug full of glamour and sophistication

Projects with Irregular Rug Shapes

Irregular Rug Shapes in a hallway area

This corridor in a modern, contemporary style is stunning, especially with the Deco rug. The Deco rug will stand out in the appropriate setting thanks to the neutral hues and marble accents that form the correct color scheme.

Irregular Rug Shapes in a bedroom area

Particularly if it is a child’s room, the vibrant Mr. Rhino Rug is a wonderful complement. This eclectic rug has a distinctive form and a variety of gentle hues to help your youngster feel comfortable in their own bedroom. This rug’s primary function is to represent a distinct kind of endeavor that aims to promote happiness and liveability.

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