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Rug’Society Brings the Latest Spring Color Trends for 2020

Any interior designer will confirm that a rug has the power to transform any room of your house, whether it is a colorful bold accent or a warm pastel - it will simply elevate your space to a next level. But which spring colors will dominate homes in...

Design Trends - Geometric Patterns Moodboard

The geometric pattern is ever trendy, able to incorporate a modern or a classic style, this is a trend is extremely versatile. As an iconic trend, originated in antique Roman marble floors until now, it’s perfect for any home and ambiance. At some de...

Design Trends - Fringing Moodboard

Fringes are back and this time the Trend arrives in splendor and it seems that will change your entire home decor. Fringing Trend is a retro expression that returned with excitement, inserting movement and dynamism touches to the ambiances. The ornam...

Design Trends - Animal Print Moodboard

The animal print trend is all about to get some wild spirit to your home decor. All types of animal prints are very trendy right now, but there is one that really stands out, snake skin print is the one.