BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration

BANDD DESIGN is a boutique, full-service interior design firm based in Austin, Texas, that was formed on the belief that everyone deserves to live, work, and live in an aesthetically beautiful setting. Their work intersects beauty and purpose to create strong, long-lasting, and remarkable designs.

BANDD DESIGN: The Beginning

Sara is the creative force behind the design. Since its inception in 2017, BANDD DESIGN has completed over 145 residential projects, many of which have been acknowledged and published internationally. The motivating force behind everything BANDD touches is high-quality, approachable design. Sara founded BANDD/DEVELOPMENT 2021 as a result of her growing passion for remodeling and building beautiful houses throughout the Austin area and nationwide.

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BANDD/DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. Rug'Society Stock.

BANDD DESIGN: Meet Sara Malek Barney

Sara spent the first phase of her professional career in Los Angeles, working as an executive in the fast-paced entertainment and sports industries for businesses such as SXSW, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her previous experience enables her to create timeless, one-of-a-kind designs for her projects.

Sara holds degrees in Corporate Communication and Interior Design from the University of Texas. Sara’s accomplishments include being named to Fortune Magazine’s inaugural class of Most Powerful Women Next Gen, being named one of Austin Monthly’s Women to Watch for multiple years, being named one of the top three interior designers in the Austin area, and being nominated for an International Design & Architecture Award in 2019. Her work has been spread all over the world, and she has appeared on hundreds of media sites. She belongs to the American Society of Interior Designers as well as the Female Founder Collective.


BANDD DESIGN understands that each project is as unique as the clients, and they strive to make each experience tailored to the clients’ requirements. They enjoy designing home and business settings that can withstand the test of time. They collaborate with hundreds of merchants spanning in style and price point, including numerous exclusive to-the-trade retailers, in conjunction with the projects. Their company charges a fixed cost based on the extent of the assignment. This allows them to stay within budget while also ensuring that the clients are entirely satisfied with the finished outcome.


BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A wide living room in light tones with a large rug with a colorful pattern in pink tones.

BANDD DESIGN created this lovely home for a family of four that desired a fun, stylish, yet livable remodel of each area in their home.

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A dining room with a colorful rug with a washed-out look.

They used a soft, unassuming color scheme throughout each location to create a pleasant yet curated atmosphere.

BANDD/DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. Best Interior Designers From Texas.
BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A child's bedroom with a colorful striped rug.

The clients loved the classic style and how the blended pieces reflected their personalities.


BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A wide living room with a grey lounge rug.

The homeowners wanted assistance in picking all of the material finishes in their new home, as well as the majority of the furnishings.

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A modern kitchen with a small washed-out rug.

They truly wanted a down-to-earth environment that was comfortable for entertaining while still being unique and memorable.

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A dining room area with a large grey rug.

The clients allowed them to experiment with various textures, colors, and wallpapers to create a home that was truly unique while remaining loyal to who they were as a family.

BANDD/DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. New Rug'Society Catalogue.


BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A dining room with a white furry rug with an irregular shape.

This nine-person family desired to combine their rural roots with an updated modern design.

Inspired by the look

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. Rug'Society Dining Room Rug.

Inspired by the look

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A living room with a wide white rug with grey details.

They created a lot of custom millwork around the house to maximize storage while also adding visual interest. They also considered warmth and comfort as this enormous family expanded.


BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A living room with a washed-out look blue rug.

A client asked them to assist them to finalize the aesthetic of their home so that it felt finished.

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A small rug imitating animal fur.

They wanted it to be enjoyable, comfortable, and family-friendly while looking professional.

BANDD DESIGN: Rug Design Inspiration. A bedroom with a grey-toned rug under the bed.

They assisted them in completing the design by providing new furnishings and layouts for the lobby, dining room, living room, two offices, and primary suite.

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