Modern and Contemporary Rug Design Trends For Summer 2022

What are the Rug design trends for this summer? This time of the year is ideal to consider a room makeover with a new fresh contemporary rug. Rugs are an important aspect of interior design They’re employed to simulate contrast and accents, in addition to giving the floor space personality. As a result, updating them every year is an ideal approach to stay current with the latest trends.

Rug Design Trends To Not Miss This Summer

There’s something for everyone, regardless of style, size, or space, from vibrant patterns to timeless designs. Browse our article to find the latest rug design trends and to be sure to keep your interior trendy for the next season. We hope we can inspire you into transforming your home into a work of art with the best contemporary rugs.

The Best Modern and Contemporary Rug Design Trends

rug design trends: contemporary living room with area rug in neutral hues

  • Muted Neutrals

Neutral rugs will continue to be popular in this summer rug design trends, since they help to create a more transitional, timeless vibe. The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG will add elegance as well as gracefulness to your interior. But don’t let it stop you there, with so many styles and color palettes to choose from, you can easily go beyond beige and choose a rich color in a pattern that complements the rest of your decor.

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isaloni 2022: rug design trends
rug design trends: colorful runner rug for narrow hallway

  • Bold Patterns

Bold colors and patterns are making a big statement this summer. The latest rug design trends focus on colorful mixes to achieve a one-of-a-kind contemporary rug. The SIMBA RUG has a geometric design with different primary colors that stand out in an interior and bring a breath of fresh air. This rug is perfect for the summertime.

rug design trends: luxurious rug with gray hues and golden center table with mirror

  • Contemporary Antiques

This contemporary living room radiates a luxurious feeling with the fabulous XISTO RUG paired with the center table and round mirrors. The golden hues mixed with gray hues create a stunning interior. This rug looks the best in an environment where the secondary color scheme complements the lightness of its design.

rug design trends: bathroom decor with black and white rug

  • Monochromatic Colors

Monochrome interiors are easy to achieve for their simplicity. They’re pretty attractive, and they’ve been a popular feature in rugs in 2022. They also have the advantage of being timeless, attractive, and even sleek. The black version of the VALENCIA RUG is a gorgeous monochrome rug with a superb design.

neutral rugs collection: Modern and Contemporary Rug Design Trends For Summer 2022

Rug Design Trends

rug design trends: kitchen interior design with colorful mid-century rug

  • Retro Rugs

In 2022, vintage rugs will be one of the most popular floor accessories. There’s a lot of variety in this genre, with groovy shapes and shaggy textures. Look at the ISAAC RUG for example, its vibrant hues, unusual pattern, and innate vintage charm has reignited this vintage popularity.

rug design trends: wall rug in living room decor with geometric forms

  • Geometric Rugs

No matter what geometric rugs will never go out of style. Especially the OSCAR RUG. An iconic rug inspired by art which used geometric shapes to create a human form. A unique rug that will decorate your floor and wall and impress your visitors.

rug design trends: hallway interior design with dark blue and golden rug inspired by reptiles skin pattern

  • Animal Prints

Animal print rugs will continue to dominate the rug design trends this year. The META RUG is a sophisticated rug with a reptile-inspired pattern that brings a luxurious aura to this hallway. The KOI console is the perfect item to pair it with.

rug design trends: luxurious interior with gray and white rug,

  • Shades of gray

Gray is a timeless color that fits well into any season. The gray color scheme comes in a variety of tints, some mild and others dark. The calming hues of the DÊCO RUG bring a relaxing and elegant vibe to any interior. The geometric overlay over the surface brings everything together visually.

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