Hallway Decorating Ideas With Runner Rugs

Here are a few hallway decorating ideas to help you customize this narrow space with incredible contemporary rugs. A hallway runner rug is a popular flooring option for corridors, giving instant warmth and personality to this tiny space. Rug’Society offers the greatest and most exclusive premium rugs with inventive designs made of high-quality materials like botanical silk and natural wool.

Hallway Decorating Ideas: 6 Customizable Runner Rugs

Whether it accentuates the entrance to your home or complements the rest of the house decor, runner rugs with the right proportions and stunning design can make a statement. We have gathered amazing hallway decorating ideas to help you style this tiny space that is very important and that connects all of the rooms of the house together.

hallway decorating ideas with long runner rug in dark hues with bird design and irregular suspension lights

Let’s start we graceful hallway decorating ideas. The HERON RUG has an elegant design inspired by the bird of the same name which symbolizes patience and good luck. This gorgeous hallway decor is brought to life by this magnificent rug and HORUS IRREGULAR LIGHTS.


runner rug for contemporary hallway decor - hallway decorating ideas

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Rug society best contemporary deluxe rugs ready to be shipped - hallway decorating ideas

hallway decorating ideas with black and white runner rug for a timeless decor


Black and white hallway decorating ideas are always a great choice since they create an effortlessly chic and timeless look. The beauty of the BLANC INK RUG, is the perfect statement piece for long and narrow hallways.

hallway decorating ideas with golden hues and long runner rug in neutral hues

Given that hallways are one of the busiest areas in your home, the rug you choose should be both stylish and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. The magnificent GOLDEN BUGS II RUG not only has a stunning design with neutral colors but it is also composed of long-lasting materials such as botanical silk, which last for years.

hallway decorating ideas - neutral runner rug with golden bugs


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The Best Hallway Decorating Ideas

hallway decorating ideas with runner rug with a geometric design


For those who love geometric hallway decorating ideas, the ISAAC RUG is for you. Its neutral colors are perfect for a hallway because they exude warmth and a friendly mood that will put your guests at ease as they walk through your home.

hallway decorating ideas for a modern classic hallway decor in silver and golden tones

The REDLEH RUNNER RUG is a great alternative to choose for your next interior design project if you want to produce an outstanding modern classic ambiance that merges modernity and tradition. This hallway has a refined feel thanks to the silver and neutral colors. Modern classic interiors are great hallway decorating ideas since they create an air of opulence and the golden and silver details make the room look more expensive.

hallway decorating ideas - silver and neutral rug with dragon design


hallway decorating ideas with a colorful geometric design.

For a refreshing and contemporary hallway design, add a bright rug with a fun geometric pattern like the SIMBA II. This rug’s horizontal stripes make a tiny corridor appear bigger. This runner rug, which runs from one end of the corridor to the other, makes a big statement with its design.

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Virtual shpwroom with magnificent rugs - hallway decorating ideas

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