Modern Rug Inspiration For The Bedroom

Modern rug inspiration is all you need to renovate your bedroom interior into a dashing space. First and foremost, you need to decide on the style you want for your room: do you want a comfortable bedroom that invites you to curl up with a nice book, or a colorful and bright interior that makes a statement. Rug Society has a large variety of rugs that can fit any of your desires and if you wish for a more personalized item you can always ask their design service to customize any rug to your liking.

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Modern Rug Inspiration: How To Style Your Bedroom With Rugs

The most significant room in your home is undoubtedly the bedroom. It is where you begin and end your day wheater the guest bedroom is where you greet those special overnight visitors. We have decided to put together this modern rug inspiration guide to give you some ideas on how to style this room with elegance and finesse. We hope to inspire you and help you picture your dream space and provide the right rug you’ll need to achieve it.

Modern Rug Inspiration: rug society catalogue

Modern Rug Inspiration For A Gorgeous Bedroom

Modern Rug Inspiration: a mid-century bedroom with blue area rug.


This stunning rendering of a neutral and unique bedroom is a perfect example of how these spaces should be designed: elegant, original, and simply stunning. This lovely space is nicely complemented by the MADEIRA RUG, a gorgeous modern rug inspiration which adds to the color palette by lending itself to a more neutral mood.

Modern Rug Inspiration: blue and gray rug with a touch of green, the madeira rug is a beautiful piece


Modern Rug Inspiration: modern bedroom with area rug inspired by the sea and medusa


If your main bedroom is quite large, choosing the appropriate amount of furniture is crucial. Too much can make it feel claustrophobic. If you have a small bedroom, on the other hand, you’ll need to be just as careful with your furniture choices to avoid the area being cluttered. The MEDUSA RUG is a nice area rug that covers the bed as well as the side tables to highlight the most important area of the room. The tones of blue contrast nicely with the bedframe’s gray tones. Blue hues are a great modern rug inspiration.

Modern Rug Inspiration: area rug in tones of blue with medusa design


Modern Rug Inspiration: luxurious bedroom decor with area rug in blue hues


The bedroom is a space with a lot of potential for design. You can create a magical getaway within your bedroom with a little of ingenuity and a modern rug inspiration. The AGATHA RUG with its blue and gray hues creates a relaxing space that is ideal to unwind after a long day. The suspension lights add a luxurious ambiance to this interior and establish a sophisticated yet cozy bedroom.

Modern Rug Inspiration: blue and gray abstract rug


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Modern Rug Inspiration That Will Set Your Bedroom Apart

Modern Rug Inspiration: mid-century bedroom with green pastel colored rug


This whole living room radiates a luxurious vibe with its elaborated interior design. The NEPTUNO RUG style the floor of this bedroom with elegance and matches nicely with the suspension lights and wall lights. The gray tones balanced out with the green tones of the rug to create a chic interior.

Modern Rug Inspiration: contemporary area rug in tones of green with sea inspirations


Modern Rug Inspiration: geometric rug with colorful hues to style this bedroom


The ISAAC RUG adds a touch of elegance and a light display to this mid-century bedroom. Because of its pattern, which features a game of lights with hand-tufted floral silk, the Isaac Rug is the most appealing rug for this mid-century environment.

Modern Rug Inspiration:a contemporary geometric rug with colorful shapes


Modern Rug Inspiration For The Bedroom with colorful area rug and abstract design


What better modern rug inspiration than a colorful one? The LA LAND Rug has a beautiful abstract design that brings a cheerful ambiance to a monotonous room.

Modern Rug Inspiration: a girl's bedroom decor with pink tones.


The pink tones of the HAAR RUG creates a soothing color scheme in this girl’s bedroom decor and adds a sense of tranquility to the space. Transform your child’s bedroom into a magical place where they can live all of their fantasies with unique items.

Modern Rug Inspiration: area rug with pink tones and fluid movements to create an artistic rug


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