Exclusive Handmade Rugs Ready To Be Used In Your Next Project!

Rug’Society features one-of-a-kind handmade rugs with vibrant and colorful patterns. A contemporary rug can be a powerful tool to transform an interior design. It can not only add some charm but also warmth and personality. Check these 9 amazing rugs that are ready to be shipped to complete your design project in a last-minute adjustment.

Handmade Rugs: 9 Incredible Contemporary Rugs To Use In Your Next Design Project!

Rug’Society designers are constantly on the lookout for what is unique and iconic, combining various views, styles, and characteristics. These handmade rugs were made by the best Portuguese craftsmen, who carry in their hands years of expertise.

handmade rugs for living room with area gray and golden rug.

As the living room is one of the areas where we spend most of our spare time, its design is extremely important. The light orange and white hues of the room create a cozy area that makes you want to spend time in the room. The XISTO RUG is one of those handmade rugs that has an abstract design that fits nicely into any interior design with light gray and golden hues. A lovely rug that brings sophistication anywhere it goes.

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Rug society best contemporary deluxe rugs ready to be shipped. handmade rugs
handmade rugs for classy and chic contemporary living room

This fantastic classy living room design stands out for its elegance. The COUPLE RUG is an exquisite handmade rug that radiates warmth thanks to its wool and botanical silk texture. A stunning piece that once paired with the high-end furnishings in this living room, lends a romantic, mysterious, and magical ambiance to this sumptuous environment.

couple rug - black and white rug with a touch of gold. handmade rugs


handmade rugs for modern living room decor with beige area rug and modular sofa in beige

This modern luxury living room combines neutral tones with mid-century colorful elements. The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG with its milky hues and amazing details adds a chic aura to this place and matches the beige modular sofa perfectly. It is a soft rug made of botanical silk that will for sure be a great item for your design project.

handmade rugs for living room with geometric rug with area rug and midcentury lamp

A beautiful living room should be both cozy and comfortable. With its geometric pattern, the ROUND SIMBA RUG rug is ideal for modern mid-century design projects. This rug offers a unique, dashing, and irreverent design that will stand out in a room. Using three different techniques, hand-tufted, loop, and cut, this is one of Rug’Society‘s best mid-century handmade rugs.

handmade rugs with geometric round rug in gray and orange


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The Best Portuguese Handmade Rugs For Your Next Design Project!

handmade rugs with gray area rug for entryway

Create a stunning and sleek modern contemporary entryway with the DÊCO RUG. A glamorous white and gray area rug that shines underneath the lighting and marbled table. The DÊCO rug with an interesting form, inspired by the Art Deco style, is hand-tufted in New Zealand Wool and Botanical Silk and adds beauty and refinement to any decor. It is truly one of the most gorgeous handmade rugs.

handmade rugs with black and white area rug with golden console and mirror

The OCLI is one of the most classy handmade rugs with a black and white pattern that combines circular and straight lines. It is a rug that represents simplicity and elegance. You can add a few golden accessories to turn this hallway into a luxurious one.

handmade rugs for hallway with warm earthy tones and geometric pattern

This is a beautiful hallway with warm golden hues that creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The ANTELOPE RUG with its geometric design and splash of orange is great for bringing magic to your projects. It is a lovely hallway that will make your guests feel at ease as they walk through the home.

handmade rugs for hallway with earthy tones and geometric pattern

The WEST RUG is classic and exquisite, adding a distinct touch of refinement and style to this corridor. It is one of the best handmade rugs for the fall season with its brown earthy tones. The use of a wood-brown color palette with a geometric design makes it an ideal Mid-Century piece.

modern classic rug with brown and black colors. handmade rugs


handmade rugs for dining room with round neutral rug inspired by nature

The METAMORPHOSIS RUG‘s elegance and neutral tone produces a harmonious ambiance paired with the marbled round table and dining chairs. The Metamorphosis rug, inspired by the rapid transformation that some insects undergo, is hand-tufted in floral silk and adds a natural and warm feel to this beautiful dining area.

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Virtual shpwroom with magnificent rugs

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