Decorative Runner Rugs For Your Hallways

Runner rugs are a great idea to adorn a hallway that is often a narrow, dull, and dark space. The versatility of Rug Society‘s carpets makes it easy to decorate this interior with vibrant, artistic contemporary rugs that will brighten any hallway. Runner rugs are one of the simplest methods to improve the look and feel of these rooms while also leaving a lasting impact.

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Decorative Runner Rugs For Your Hallways

Runner Rugs For Hallways

Combine style with comfort with these amazing runner rugs that will decorate your hallway floors with grace and refinement. Runner rugs have the power to convert an uninviting space into one that exudes warmth and comfort on its own. Here is our top 6 of the best modern contemporary hallway rugs.

The Most Outstanding Runner Rugs

Elegant hallway with striped rug in black and white with gold console.


Using runner rugs is ideal to improve function but often ignored spots in your house. By styling a hallway with a magnificent rug such as the VALENCIA, it can be a great way to make a big difference. This rug will add an elegant flair to a hallway with its striped design.

black and white rug with a touch of gold, the valencia rug is fabulous and luxury

rug society catalogue
sophisticated hallway decor with runner rug in gray and white.


Runner rugs provide an excellent cushioning support that will protect your floors from scratches and protect your feet from the harsh cold floors. The DÊCO RUG will offer a homey and welcoming aura to your hallway with its amazing design and natural wool texture.

modern contemporary runner rug in gray tones

Decorative And Original Runner Rugs

classy hallway with brown and black rug with a geometric design.


Let the WEST RUG complement the rest of the hallway decor with its soft earthy tones that reflect peace and tranquility. Its geometric design adds a stunning visual to this interior and makes it more visually interesting.

modern classic rug with brown and black colors.

elegant hallway decor with green rug


A runner is usually used as a decorative or accent piece in a room. However, they are also popular for the practical function and benefits that they provide, in addition to the stunning visual appeal such as the NEPTUNO RUG with its amazing green design.

contemporary area rug in tones of green with sea inspirations

modern classic halllway with oval rug in soft neutral colors with beige.


Runner rugs though aren´t the only solution, if you would rather have an interior out of the box, the MERMAID RUG is the perfect fit for you. This type of rug can be used to establish separate zones inside a room and anchor the rest of the furniture into the space.

modern contemporary rug with soft pastel tones of beige and orange.

modern contemporary entryway with round blue rug.


Round rugs are also a great idea to decorate a hallway or entryway. the MERFILUS RUG can be used as a rectangular runner rug or as a round decorative rug. Rug Society has a design service that is available to customize any rug to your wishes.

modern contemporary blue rug with abstract circular design that reflects fluidity of the water.

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