Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Designs

Looking for new bedroom decorating ideas to refresh your private sanctuary? No worries, we got you covered! We have selected the most dashing modern rugs to style your bedroom with grace and elegance. Because your bedroom is your own sanctuary where you start and end each day, it’s critical that you feel at peace when you’re there.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Who said a rug can’t help you start the day on the right foot? We’d say that a rug is the most important item in a bedroom design following the bed of course! Imagine waking up, struggling to get out of bed to your feet touching the cold hard floors… It will ruin your morning for sure, wouldn’t it? That is why a rug must not be overlooked when planning a bedroom interior design. Keep reading to find the best bedroom decorating ideas!

bedroom decorating ideas with gray area rug with a geometric design for monochrome bedroom design

Everyone with a little bit of knowledge in interior design will know that gray is a great color for a bedroom. It has calming properties that will help you relax after a long stressful work day. The AIR RUG has an original geometric design in different wool pile heights which creates a 3D design. A fabulous rug that will be a great addition to your bedroom.

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Virtual shpwroom with magnificent rugs. bedroom decorating ideas
bedroom decorating ideas with biophilic design and green rug

Biophilic interior designs are growing in popularity in the past few months. We couldn’t forget to mention it in our article about bedroom decorating ideas. A biophilic design is based on the idea of incorporating natural elements into your interior. Here we have the MÖOS RUG in different tones of green, the wallpaper with plants drawings, and the side tables.

nature inspired green rug with abstract pattern. bedroom decorating ideas


bedroom decorating ideas with earthy tones, a brown area rug and side table in a modern contemproary bedroom decor

This bedroom was inspired by nature with the materials and rug designs chosen for this decor. The AGATHA RUG‘s design in its brown version reminds us of the trunk of a tree that complements the design of the side table. These earthy tones also add warmth to this room, creating the perfect relaxing space.

Classy and Elegant Bedroom Decorating Ideas

bedroom decorating ideas for a stunning modern classic bedroom decor with imperial area rug with golden accents and side table

The IMPERIAL RUG is ideal to level up your bedroom and add a touch of grandeur. The golden touches on the rug and side table make this modern classic bedroom décor stand out for its beautiful details. One thing you can remember from our bedroom decorating ideas is: “When in doubt, add some golden hues”.

imperial snake rug, a neutral area rug. bedroom decorating ideas


milan trends report 2022 - bedroom decorating ideas
Luxurious modern contemporary bedroom decor with golden area rug and round mirror and bed frame.

This bedroom is another example of how golden accents can change the mood of a room. The VALENCIA RUG is such a stunning piece that it catches our attention instantly. The round mirror from BOCA DO LOBO is a nice complement to this bedroom as well as the bedframe.

bedroom decorating ideas with gray and blue ish tones and area rug

Monochrome bedroom decorating ideas are also a great option. This modern contemporary bedroom has a gorgeous gray/blue-ish area rug that stands out for its unusual design. This decor shines for its simplicity and decluttered space, perfect for minimalistic lovers.

blue and gray abstract rug. bedroom decorating ideas


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