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re-vamp is a Berlin-based interior design firm specializing in the sales promotion of high-end real estate through home staging and model homes, as well as full-service furnishing of rental apartments and micro-apartments. In cooperation with owners, brokers and developers, re-vamp develos innovative, emotional design concepts with the goal of achieving maximum returns.

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re-vamp Interior Design

re-vamp uses the concept of “transformation” to measure the success of projects. This doesn’t just mean the successful transformation of a property, but rather the emotional transformation from potential to actual buyers. As with many things, first impressions are decisive when buying real estate. Their goal is a first impression of “love at first sight”, to arouse emotions, stimulate (all) senses and create WOW moments.

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re-vamp Team

The team is composed of Justyna Walczak, the creative head, and Christian Lemke the marketing specialist. Walczak found her place in Chicago, studying Interior Design, where she also worked in real estate, providing her with the wherewithal and valuable insight into this world. Lemke grew up in Berlin, and then also moved to Chicago to work in marketing with some of the most prestigious and famous sports brands in the world. Currently, they are based in Berlin.

re-vamp Rug Design Ideas

repräsentative musterwohnung – berlin friedrichshain

repräsentative musterwohnung - berlin friedrichshain living room with a cell like white rug, 2 white amchars, one grey sofa with a glass center table.

This is a renovated old building apartment house in Berlin Friedrichshain. It is warm, inviting, and at the same time an elegant design. The textured rug pulls the room together, giving it a cozy, familiar sensation.

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friedenstraße – berlin friedrichshain

friedenstraße - berlin friedrichshain bedroom with a blue rug and a brown couch, and 3 glass center tables.
friedenstraße - berlin friedrichshain white rug with a blue sofa.

Renovated apartment in old buildings, Friedenstraße, Berlin Friedrichshain. Uniform design but at the same time individually designed apartments through various combinations of colors and living accessories. Here the rug and the sofa colours were switched in the pictures to show us the power of colour.

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am jüdischen museum – berlin kreuzberg

am jüdischen museum - berlin kreuzberg bedroom with white blueish rug underneath the bed.

This is a biulding next to the Jewish Museum, Berlin Kreuzberg. Re-vamp provide design and furnishing services, they created inviting rooms, we can see above. The rug used is the bedroom contrast perfectly with the bedding colour and really fills the space, making it more comfortable.

kommandantenstr. – berlin mitte

kommandantenstr. - berlin mitte bedroom with a rug underneath the bed, the bed is in brown tones, as most of the room and the rug is in more of a white colour.

This new building complex is located in Berlin-Mitte. It is intended to be used as a temporary rental. It was completely refurbished and designed by the vamps team.

palais theising – berlin gendarmenmarkt

palais theising - berlin gendarmenmarkt living room with a brwon shaggy rug, a light brown sofa, and 2 white sofas with a square glass center table in the middle.

Palais Theising is a new building complex directed to families. With a combination of optimal use of space and elegant, modern design. Here, we see a close-up of the living room with a beautiful shaggy rug, giving a very comfortable look to the space.

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erlesener jugendstil altbau – berlin schöneberg

erlesener jugendstil altbau - berlin schöneberg living room with a white rug, a brwon sofa, 2 brown armchair, and a square glass table
erlesener jugendstil altbau - berlin schöneberg other view of the living room with the white rug, a brown sofa and 2 brown armchairs.

Erlesener Jugendstil Altbau is an old building property, 3-room apartment with 98m² renovation. It intended to be a family place, decorated with a judend style and modern design.

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