10 Hong Kong interior design ideas that will inspire you when choosing your next rug

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The 3mm studio was created in 2014 by Mike Choy who accumulated over 10 years of experience in various interior design firms located both in Hong Kong and London.

They provide amazing interior design services through strong relationships with clients and focus on understanding the client’s needs, objectives, and concerns.

M Moser Associates is a leading global design company that creates environments where people love to work. Their areas of expertise go from workplace interior design and architecture, across science and innovation to healthcare and education.

In this article, we will show you some interior design ideas from 3mm Studio that will influence the choice of your next rug. We will also show you some office trends from M Moser Associates so that you can work from home with style.

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Estoril Court – D Home

interior design ideas

This Magnifique private residence is located in Hong Kong on Estoril Court, 55 Garden Road and it was fully designed by 3mm Studio.  It was designed as a canvas on which to display the owner’s lifestyle. The interior design is made to pass a sense of comfort, convenience and contemporary living with elegance.

The Moss

interior design ideas


interior design ideas

The Moss is a private residential apartment project designed by 3mm Studio and it is located in Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong. The interior decoration has a natural feeling,  airy and contemporary living with elegance, the residence is stylishly appointed with furnishings crafted from cosy materials.

Martinique Summer

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Made for a corporate client, the design of the Show Flat by 3mm Studio is located in Mount Pavilia in Clear Water Bay Peninsula North, Hong Kong. The bedroom has a natural feeling and the living room features an impressive palette of colours and an informal and comfortable style.


The design of the Show Flat has recently completed in Mount Pavilia in Clear Water Bay Peninsula North, Hong Kong.

interior design ideas

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

If you are looking for a low key decoration but at the same time decorate with good taste then you have to see this fantastic project by 3mm Studio. From a bedroom with an office in it to the amazing rug in the living room, this apartment will definitely bring you some ideas of interior design decoration.

Dynasty Court

3mm Studio has recently been appointed to design a duplex in Dynasty Court, Old Peak Road, Hong Kong. The project has a comfortable, contemporary and elegant style, and every residence is decorated with handcrafted furniture.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

interior design ideas

Each room is decorated with sober colours that give the impression of sophistication and a calm feeling. This amazing apartment will blow your mind and inspire you with its amazing rug’s display.

Link Asset Management Office Hong Kong

interior design ideas

M Moser Associates main ideas they wanted to pass in this office was to create a memorable client experience that reinforces its new brand identity, enhance collaboration and interactions with the spacious social environment, do a metropolitan design concept inspired by iconic elements of Hong Kong that could be tracked to the origin of Link Asset Management and focus on sustainability and environmental issues.

Pernod Ricard office Hong Kong

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Pernod Ricard wanted to introduce new ways of working in its Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. For this purpose, the design by M Moser Associates has a holistic design-build solution integrating strategy, sustainability, change management, and workplace technology to create a progressive environment that embodies the organisation’s mission of underpinning all moments of celebration.

Hyatt Hong Kong office

M Moser was selected to design two offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai that would capture the essence of Hyatt’s hospitality for its people while bringing the distinct identity of each location to life using unique design concepts.

interior design ideas


interior design ideas

This office has a unique and different feeling because, unlike a traditional office, the entrance blends seamlessly with an expansive “Front of House”, a communal space where staff and visitors can unwind, catch up on work or engage in conversations. Also, memorabilia from regional hotels has been incorporated into the design of each office to give a sense of the journey.

Lesaffre Shanghai office

 Lesaffre is a French-born household name in the bakery industry and M Moser was appointed to do the interior design of its China headquarters based in Shanghai.

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The aim here was to support Lesaffre’s business expansion, elevate brand awareness and attract talent while reflecting the company’s evolving culture and progressive spirit. In the entrance, they put a large, logo-embedded tapestry, in various shades of blue, making the tapestry the main theme here.

Unity office Shanghai

Unity delivers engaging content, real-time 3D interactive content creating and operating platform. Due to the company getting bigger, they relocated to the Sinar Mas Plaza. By using creative and authentic materials, M Moser design concepts pay tribute to Unity’s values of empowering all creators and turning their ideas into reality. 

interior design ideas

At the same time green, blue and red are the colours used throughout the spaces to represent Unity’s phrase “Best Ideas Win, In It Together, Go Bold, Users First”. Dynamic lights have been used to give the space more energy during work time. To celebrate a fun workplace spirit, the furniture and the flooring have unique characteristics and are mixed together in a different but entertaining way.

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