Tied to fashion from a young age, Sarah Lavoine has become interested in the world of design, especially interior design. Today she will present us with magnificent living room carpet ideas!

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Sarah Lavoine

She first studied psychology, theatre and communication in New York and very quickly became interested in interior design. “I understood very early on the importance of having a cocoon, an anchor in which we feel good and the need to have a universe that resembles us.” With that in mind, Sarah aims is to create the best interior design for her clients, creating their forever home, where they feel their best and happy to celebrate and welcome their friends and family.

Sarah Lavoine Agency

Sarah carries out her first projects and surrounds herself with the decorator François Schmidt who encourages her and pushes her to develop her talents. This collaboration gave rise to real professional complicity and numerous projects. It was only in 2002 that Sarah created her own architecture and interior design studio. As opportunities arise, she develops both private and public projects through which she expresses herself and defines her signature style. She frees herself from codes and creates interiors in which one feels good. Through the layout of spaces, the treatment of light, the selection of materials and the singular expression of colour, Sarah Poniatowski deploys a timeless, contemporary and elegant style.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

Duplex, Paris 1er

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

We enter a large living room where numerous pieces of furniture found in antique shops fill the space with chic. The walls are decorated with contemporary artworks collected over the years. Accessories, lighting and unique works of art complete this place with its soft, neutral tones. To bring unicity to this project, Sarah gives us a living room carpet idea.

Maison de Famille, Boulogne Billancourt

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

It elegantly combines country spirit and modernity. The supreme assets: natural materials such as walnut and lava stone, the garden which invites itself into the living room. This living room carpet idea transmits modernity and comfort, for its colour and soft touch.

Appartement Haussmannien, Paris 1er

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

We discover a large white living room, a softer room where we see a contrast between the light colours of sofas and the dark rug. In this living room, we can admire numerous works of contemporary art line the walls. Two large sofas and this living room carpet idea bring comfort and elegance.

Appartement rue de Solferino, Paris 7e

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

A very contemporary flat, very bright and very functional. The furniture, as well as each detail, is singularly chosen and the overall result is resolutely distinctive and avant-garde. This amazing living room carpet idea brings colour and singularity to the project.

Atelier, Paris 1er

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

The strength of the House’s signature colours adorns the furnishings and makes a distinctive mark on this warm, soft place. In this project, we can appreciate a different living room carpet idea, where the entire floor is covered by a modern rug.

Appartement New-York

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

This living room carpet idea brings colour and feeling of something with history and experiences, which together with the rest of the design creates something unique.

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