Modern Rug Designs by Fabian Freytag. The studio of Fabian Freytag is located in Berlin and was founded in 2012. Freytag and his team have won several interior design awards. Freytag and his team love interior design and its connection to art and architecture. They come up with solutions from developer projects with furnishing lines and floor plan optimizations to mini flats and spectacular penthouses for private clients.

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Fabian Freytag: Home Modern Rug Designs

Their goal is to create tailor-made works. Fabian Freytag was born in Hamburg but is now based in Berlin, he’s an architect and designer. His team is composed of 8 people, among them there are interior designers, architects, and project managers, as well as some student trainees. They are honest, transparent, and dedicated, striving for the best possible results.

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Modern Rug Designs Decor from Fabian Freytag

They have also been featured in AD Magazine 3 times “AD100 – DAS SIND DIE WICHTIGSTEN KREATIVEN DES JAHRES 2022”, “AD GESCHMACKSFRAGEN INTERVIEW” and “FABIAN FREYTAG VERRÄT, WIE MAN KLEINE RÄUME GRÖSSER WIRKEN LÄSST”. Besides Architectural Digest (AD Magazine), his work has also been published in Dezeen, Frame, Domus, and many more from domestic and international media!

Fabian Freytag Modern Rug Designs


PENTHOUSE 105 living room with an orange modern rug designs, a blue couch, and some pendant lights

Overview of the penthouse living room with a marvelous orange rug, a blue couch, and some side tables, as well as a center table with a marble surface.

PENTHOUSE 105 close up of the orange rug that will give you a modern rug designs, with a marble center table and a blue couch.

Living room corner with a close up look of the rug and center table.

modern rug designs from the opulent "empire" penthouse of Barbbu and Home'Society.
PENTHOUSE 105 other views of the blue sea with the modern rug designs, a dining table with red dining chairs, a wood panel, a view of the upper floor, and a marble center table on the rug.

The lounge area of the Saphire penthouse views the upstairs with a dark wood panel, big windows bringing in natural light and giving a fresh look to the living room.

PENTHOUSE 105 reading corner with an orange stool, a terracotta rug and an armchair. The perfect inspiration for modern rug designs.

Penthouse 105 was featured in the german Architectural Digest back in 2019 as of the best projects in Germany. Its bold color combinations of the orange rug and blue couches create a unique interior design. The perfect inspiration for modern rug designs.

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Suite/ showroom project from fabian Freytag with a white corner sofa, a green armchair and  modern rug designs

Showroom/suite living room corner with a white couch, a green armchair, and rug with a fun pattern in black and white.

Suite modern rug designs with a fluffy pink round rug under a bar and some bar stools.

“Our little chamber of wonders: collected, found & invented things. That is why we opened our showroom with the small but sexy BAR FOURAGE in Berlin-Mitte in June 2021. You want to host a fine & sophisticated event or a private dinner? No problem.”

Fabian Freytag


TOWNHOUSE 21 overviews of geometric modern rug designs, 1 square withe couch, one round baby blue couch, one marble center table, one yellow armchair, and some pendant lights.

Townhouse 21 overview of the fabulous living room with a geometrical rug, 2 couches, a yellow and white armchair, one marble center table, and some pendants lights to set the ambiance.

get the look modern rug designs with the Isaac rug

TOWNHOUSE 21 close-up look of the rug, the white sofa, and the marble center table.

Close-up look of the white couch in the corner, as well as the marble center table, as well as a little pick of a pink round side table, all on the white, yellow, and black geometrical rug.

TOWNHOUSE 21 other views of the rug from modern rug designs, closer view of the yellow armchair, the marble center table, and both couches.

Townhouse 21 was designed by the team at Fabian Freytag with stunning geometric modern rug designs. With a fun and colorful atmosphere, while being elegant at the same time.

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