Looking for inspiration? You have come to the right place! RUG SOCIETY has the best modern rugs to help you in all of your home decorations and home interior projects. In this article, you will find exquisite handcrafted and bespoke carpets that will turn your home into a luxurious space and leave your visitors open-mouthed.

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Modern Rugs That Will Bring Your Home Interior To the Next Level

We have gathered a selection of modern rugs with unique designs that transform simple rugs into works of art. RUG SOCIETY has a large collection of eclectic rugs that showcase the latest trends in interior design. Check out this list of exclusive and premium carpets made by talented artisans.

Stylish Modern Rugs For An Amazing Hallway

Modern contemporary sober hallway with the SPIRIT RUG in black and white with a touch of red. Minimalist hallway. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

The SPIRIT RUG is for sure one of the most beautiful modern rugs that RUG SOCIETY has ever made. It has a dashing design of a lion and tiger that symbolize the unmatched strength of two predators with a contrast of colors that stands out in a hallway.

hotel hallway with neutral runnner rug inspired by the DECO RUG from Rug society. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

This runner rug is a fabulous piece with its amazing and unique design. This neutral DECO RUG reflects RUG SOCIETY‘s neutral collection perfectly. This handmade rug is made with the highest materials to offer the best comfort as well as a touch of glamour.


modern mid-century hallway with ISAAC RUG with a geometric pattern and different vibrant colors. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

This is an unconventional rug with a lot of colors and an unusual geometric pattern. The ISAAC RUG is a luxury rug made with botanical silk and natural wool to grant the best soft feeling as you run your feet through it. This rug has 4 different techniques which give it a 3D feeling and makes it stand out even more in the room.


Isaac Rug - 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

modern hallway entryway with urban DISRUPTION RUG in black and yellow with mid-century console and suspension lights. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

The DISRUPTION RUG is one of the most popular modern rugs out of its collection. This rug inspired by urban art and the “disruption act”, will make you want to break the limits. This rug is meant to sound radical and cool like a revolution.

modern contemporary hallway with geometric PRISMA 1 rug in blue and white with a touch of orange and black console. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

This hallway combines a modern and mid-century style thanks to the combination of the PRISMA I RUG with the black console with an unusual shape. The vibrant colors of the rug remind us of mid-century furnishing while the black clean lines add a sense of modernity.

The Best Modern Rugs For A Reading Corner

a sober reading corner with Yupik rug in neutral tones 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

This sober living room reading corner offers a relaxing space to read with its neutral colors. The YUPIK RUG paired with the armchair creates a cozy ambient. The Koi side table adds a touch of luxury.

contemporary reading room with neutral colors, the Yupik rug decorates the floors of this interior with a white armchair and standing lamp.  10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

This is a peaceful reading corner with soft colors that favor peace and quiet. This soft modern rug has an elegant design of several flowers that will decorate your interior with grace. The MACUSHI RUG is a great option for your living room.


MACUSHI RUG. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior


A contemporary mid-century reading corner with the geometric round rug, the AUDREY RUG pairs nicely with the red armchair. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

If you would like a modern rug with more colors, the round AUDREY RUG is ideal for it. This rug stands out for its unique triangular design of different bold colors and pairs nicely with an armchair of the same colors present in the rug. Create the perfect interior with this rug.

Modern contemporary living room reading corner with the black round Inuk Rug 2 with the MECCA CENTER TABLE and armchairs. 10 Insane Modern Rugs For A Stylish Interior

This modern contemporary interior is simple but elegant with the INUK RUG with a light design. The black rug reflects a modern lifestyle while keeping your interior warm and comfortable.

modern contemporary living room reading corner with CAUCA RUG in black and white with a geometric design 10-insane-modern-rugs-for-a-stylish-interior

This contemporary reading corner is fantastic for its vibrant armchair and amazing black and white rug. The CAUCA RUG takes inspiration from the Colombian culture from the 10th century. This rug reflects the traditional Colombian artwork with its geometric design. This is one of the greatest modern rugs there is.

CAUCA RUG - 10-insane-modern-rugs-for-a-stylish-interior

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