The Opulent ‘Empire’ Penthouse has the best area rugs decorating its interior. This architectural wonder is located in Midtown, Billionaire Row, and towers over New York City. This sleek skyscraper has a unique and creative interior designed by BRABBU with the help of RUG SOCIETY to create a fantastic space that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

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The Best Area Rugs To Decorate The Opulent “Empire” Penthouse

The Best Area Rugs For A Stylish Penthouse

This New York Penthouse features two rooms with the best area rugs, one of which is a bedroom with a bathroom and the other is an office. There is a guest service bathroom as well as a home office. This apartment, owned by a high-powered woman entrepreneur, is brimming with natural light, high-end modern decor, and a breathtaking landscape.

Rug Society has the Best Area Rugs

modern entryway with the black ink runner rug in black and white with urban design and console and round mirror.

This penthouse located on 5th Avenue is decorated with an expensive taste in mind. As soon as we walk out of the elevator we are faced with an amazing entryway. The BLANK INK RUNNER RUG decorates this hallway with elegance and beauty. The BLACK INK RUG adds a modern classic aspect to this modern opulent entryway design, not only with its design but also with its colors, while the INFINITY Console and GALLIANO Wall Lamp round out the look.

Modern hallway with the black ink rug to decorate the straight and narrow hallway of this penthouse.

This interior design sets the mood for a luxurious visit of this fantastic penthouse. This entryway plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the entire house. Gold, black, and white are colors known for adding a touch of glamour and modernism to a home, and here is a fantastic example of how to use these opulent hues in design.

Modern contemporary living room that has the white garden rug decorating the floors.

The Dendur living room was inspired by one of the best exhibitions at the Metropolitan Art Museum of a old Egyptian Temple commissioned by the Roman Ceasar Augustus Emperor. This luxurious, open space living area includes all of the temple’s awe-inspiring features with the stunning WHITE GARDEN RUG.

open space living room with white grden rug

This living room, like the temple, guards something sacred: social relationships. Comfort and elegance are sometimes overlooked in living room designs in favor of practicality and functionality. In this interior, we have achieved to have both. This is possible thanks to one of the best area rugs that provides comfort and elegance to this living room.

The Opulent “Empire” Penthouse with The Best Area Rugs

modern classic dining room with the IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG in neutral colors and with snake pattern that protects the floors of this dining room and of the SHINTO long dining table

This penthouse has a gorgeous dining room thanks to the IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG that brings finesse and gracefulness to this interior. This dining room sets a relaxing environment with these neutral colors and captivating furniture to achieve the perfect minimalist interior design. This dining room combines formal and utilitarian aspects with comfort and modernism.

classic modern dining room that showcases the IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG in neutral colors and with snake pattern that protects the floors of this dining room and of the SHINTO long dining table


modern contemporary home office with the KOTTA RUG in black and white with comfortable armchairs and sleek black desk.

In the last ten years, working from home has become one of the most popular trends. It’s no surprise that designers are paying close attention to the design of such areas: the environment should be conducive to productive work and creativity, with minimal distractions.

The quiet and balanced color palette of this home office provides the ideal backdrop for concentration and attention while working. This brightly lit space has the comfort of the SIKA Armchair and of the KOTTA RUG.

modern contemporary bedroom with white garden rug that covers the whole room.

This modern bedroom design radiates peace and harmony, with a relaxing neutral palette backdrop and floor-to-ceiling windows that reflect the owner’s individuality. We have a contrasting black headboard that catches our attention and contrasts with the WHITE GARDEN RUG.

luxurious bathroom with KOI RUG  in neutral tones anf golden details and bathtub.

Bathrooms are often overlooked in interior design, we tend to think of them as only a functional space where we get ready and go. However, we at Rug Society think this is a place to relax and forget about a long day in a bubble bath. This deluxe bathroom is inspired by the Plaza Hotel, which is noted for its lavish design and old-world elegance, as well as its modern comforts thanks to the KOI RUG.

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