Round or Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? It can be quite hard to choose the right shape of area rug for common spaces such as the dining room. Each have their own benefits, round rugs tend to be more welcoming and create a sense of comfort while rectangular rugs tend to match clean lines of furniture and bring an air of elegance and elevates the room to a whole other level.

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Rectangular rugs or Round Rugs?

While rectangular rugs tend to be the most sought style when it comes to interior design, round rugs can be incredible to decorate a dining room floor. When it comes to chose the right shape, it is necessary to know and understand the functionality of their interior. Rectangular rugs are meant to cover wide surfaces areas while round rugs are often designed to fit smaller spaces.

Round and Rectangular rugs: Choose Which Rug Matches The Best Your Interior Design Project

Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? Modern classic dining room with Lola Rug

Rounds rugs such as the Lola Rug are perfect to highlight small dining rooms with a bit of color and a funny design that catches the eye. This modern rug is inspired by pop culture and geometric shapes that bring dynamisn to any room.


Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? Lola Rug
Modern contemporary dining room with Metamorphosis rug and suspension lights with white table

The Metamorphosis Rug brings harmony and comfort to this dining room with its round shaped design and neutral colors. The round rug also compliments nicely the white round dining table and pairs smoothly with the neutral dining chairs.

White and neat dining room with Oslo rug and round wooden table. Modern and elegant room.

The Shaggy Olso Rug is one of the best round rugs there is with its soft texture and white and neutral colors that combine comfort and nobility in onr single design. This rug design is perfect for a minimalist interior with a monochrome color palette.


Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? Oslo Rug

Modern mid-century dining room with round Joh Rug and black and orange chairs with round dining table

Curves and round shapes are extremely trendy nowadays. The Joh Rug with a original design highlights the dining chairs and the round dining table. The combination of all these elements creates a dashing ambient.

Modern dining room in blue tones and with round Agatha Rug

The Agatha Rug is a fabulous rug that comes in various shapes. In this case a round shaped rug is perfect for a small dining room with a round table. The pattern of the Agatha Rug matches the marbled pattern of the Agra dining table to create an elegant interior design.


Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? Agatha Rug

Round and Rectangular rugs

Mid-century dining room with Antelope Rug in orange and blue colors

Rectangular rugs such as the Antelope Rug are perfect for a modern mid-century dining room interior style. The bright colors bring personality and turn this room much more interesting and stylish.

Contemporary dining room with warm colors and Toulousse Rug.

Warm colors often create a sense of coziness and of trust, the Toulousse Rug decorates the floors of this interior nicely and brings a welcoming feeling to this dining room. It makes guests feel at home.

Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? Yarsa rug decorates this dining room with elegance

This modern rectangular rug has a dashing style that is sure to impress guests. The Yarsa Rug mixes its rectangular shape with an elegant circular pattern which creates a stunning design that is very eye-catching.

Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? The Cell rug is a fabulous piece to ornate the floors of the contemproary dining room

The Cell Rug can be defined as chic and majestic. This rug design is sure to create an air of prestige in any dining room design. Its golden color pairs beautifully with a brass dining table and golden lights.

Round And Rectangular Rugs: Which Shape Should You Pick? Yupik rug

The Yupik Rug is a beautiful and elegant area rug. Its abstract design decorates the floors of this majestic dining room and pairs gracefully with the golden dining chairs and suspension lights.

Although choosing the perfect rug for one’s dining room can be tricky, we hope our article has helped you to decide which shape suits your home interior the best. You need to take into account furniture placement and the color palette of the room. Choosing to incorporate both type of shapes would bring diversity to your interior design.


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