Handmade rugs have the ability to bring personality and style to any room division of the house. Rug’Society has the finest handmade rugs created with the most high-end materials to assure the best quality and durability for your home interior. Create amazing interior designs with the help of extraordinary rug designs.

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Handmade Rugs That Will Embellish Any Home Interior

Rug’Society has a wide range of incredible rugs to decorate your floors or walls. Inspired by different cultures, artistic movements, and eras, these rugs have all the features to embellish your home interior. Check our selection of modern contemporary rugs and see for yourself.

Handmade Rugs For Any House Interior Design

Contemporary hallway with Apollo rug in neutral colors with marbled console and round gold mirror

This contemporary hallway has one of the most well-designed handmade rugs. The Apollo Rug has unique details that will make your hallway stand out and set the mood for the rest of the house. 100% handmade, this stunning piece symbolizes strength, power and beauty.

Lively modern contemporary living room with area snake 8 Rug with center table with black 2 seat sofas and green walls

This is a dashing living room with the fabulous Snake 8 Rug. This modern rug symbolizes life force, creation, and sensuality. Handmade rugs tend to be prone to heavy details as you can see in the image below. This rug has crazy details elements that make this rug a stunning piece.


The 10 Handmade Rugs That Will Elevate Any House Design - Snake 8 Rug

Modern minimalist living room with Air rug, golden suspension lights, white sofa and center table with 2 armchairs

If you rather have a minimalist interior design, the Air rug is a perfect choice. This living room showcases a luxury feeling paired with straight and clean lines to create a minimalist design. The simplicity of the upholstery highlights the strong pattern of the Air rug.


Air Rug - The 10 Handmade Rugs That Will Elevate Any House Design

Finest Handmade Rugs

Classy dining room with Palm Rug and green soleil dining chairs with golden suspensions lights

This open-spaced dining room and kitchen are the synonyms of elegance and refinement. The luxurious design of this dining room is accentuated by the black and white Palm Rug that paired rather nicely with the marbled black dining table.

modern office with inkage rug, marbled desk with golden details

This is a dashing home office with the beautiful urban Inkage Rug paired with a marbled desk with touches of gold. Urban handmade rugs are usually a perfect way to make a statement, here it is even more striking with the imposing desk.

Master bedroom with Lucy rug in pale pink tones

This luxurious modern bedroom is unlike any other thanks to the striking Lucy rug with an irregular shape and soft pink color scheme. This lounge rug fulfills this bedroom’s floors with an irreverent design and shape that turn this room into a colorful landscape decor.

Modern bedroom with Medusa Rug in tones of blue

Handmade rugs such as the Medusa rug are a great choice for a modern bedroom. The blue tones of the rug create a relaxing and peaceful space where you can come home and rest. The mixture of straight lines, curved shapes and textures is a reminder of nature.


Medusa rug - The 10 Handmade Rugs That Will Elevate Any House Design

Luxury bathroom with Agatha rug in green version and koi console with marbled basine.

Which better way to relax after a long day than to take a hot bath in this botanical bathroom with biophilic inspirations. This is the perfect scene with the green Agatha Rug by Rug’Society and Koi Mirror by Maison Valentina. This bathroom is the perfect embodiment of nature.


Agatha rug - green version - The 10 Handmade Rugs That Will Elevate Any House Design

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