Decorate the floors of your home cinema with a luxurious rug. It not only adds personality to your home interior it also creates a lovely design paired with a lovely sofa. The Home Cinema: Palladium Theatre designed by Home’Society Studio with the help of Rug’Society and BRABBU is an example of how a stunning rug can turn an interior into a dashing space.

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A Luxurious Rug For The Palladium Theatre

Palladium Theatre: A Home Cinema With A Luxurious Rug

The London Palladium is a well-known theatre that is located in London. This theatre has had over the years a lot of large performances on its stage. This theatre was hence the inspiration for this home cinema since it is also a place to come to enjoy performances of different kinds.

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A Home Cinema With A Luxurious Rug

Palladium Theatre: A Home Cinema With A Luxurious Rug

This home theatre seeks to provide the unique sensations of a theatre like the Palladium, right at home. It aims to provide all the thrills and emotions passing through one’s person while enjoying the performance. This is an impressive interior design that is as comfortable as it is luxurious.

Palladium Theatre: A Home Cinema With A Luxurious Rug

This room is decorated with the stunning Valencia Rug in gold, white and black, along with it there are 2 OREAS single sofas and one OREAS Sofa. These items complement each other well and create an amazing ambient.

To finish the look there are the NAJ Ottomans and CRAIG Side Tables which grant this space an iconic feel paired with the luxurious rug. This Home cinema reunites comfort and luxury in a modern contemporary design.

Is there a better way to enjoy movies than in this comfy home cinema? This room provides a royal sense of utter fantastical luxury through the shapes and forms of intense elements that all-around turn this home cinema into a majestic space.


A Luxurious Rug

Palladium Theatre: A Home Cinema With A Luxurious Rug

The Valencia Rug is the perfect addition to your home interior with its original design that radiates elegance and luxury. The black and white pattern seems to be covered by golden paint which creates a fantastic and unique design.

The Oreas sofa has a mid-century retro style that fits perfectly the Palladium home cinema. Inspired by the Greek God from mythology: Oreas. This sofa is fully upholstered in soft cotton velvet, making it the perfect addition to any living room set or home cinema.

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The Craig side Table by Essential Home is a unique piece of furniture that features a retro style with a sleek look. This side table has a strong luxurious presence and is the perfect addition for a home cinema, especially with a retro vibe, paired with a luxurious rug it creates a dashing ambient.

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