Combining rugs with your furnishing can be scary, there are so many colors and patterns that it can be overwhelming. We have come up with the best rug ideas to help you decorate your home interior. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns, we are here to help. In this article, we will help you decide which rugs match which upholstery the best.


Rug Ideas: How To Pair The Perfect Rug with Your Furnishing

Created a balanced and harmonious interior design with our selection of rug ideas to match your upholstery. There is no need to be afraid of bold or extravagant patterns if you managed to reach the perfect counterbalance of colors and patterns. You can also opt for a high-contrast combination if you dare and create a statement in your home interior.

10 Rug Ideas For Your Interior

Modern classic living room with white and gold Cell rug with horus suspension lights

Solids and print patterns can definitely be chic and stylish. The Cell Rug is at the top of our rug ideas with its elegant design and neutral colors. This rug is perfect for a neutral-toned living room, it matches smoothly with the marbled pattern of the center coffee table.

modern minimalist living room with air Rug

Stripes are a great option if you desire to add a little versatility to your home interior. You can’t go wrong with a gray-colored carpet like the Air Rug. This is a timeless look that matches perfectly with the lines of the upholstered Essex armchairs and blue sofa.


How To Combine Your Upholstery With These Rug Ideas - Air Rug

Modern contemporary living room with Coll Rug and beige sofa

Monochrome rug ideas are the best because they are easy to match and also elegant. The Coll Rug has a minimalist pattern yet that can be carried from a room to another. This rug is meant to fit into any interior design thanks to its stylistic versatility.

contemporary living room in black and white with the Couple rug and Essex armchair

The Couple Rug is another great rug with an exquisite monochrome pattern and a touch of gold. This rug paired with the upholstered Essex armchair brings a sense of sophistication to this living room. It is a comfortable space to spend some quality time by ourselves and read a book.


How To Combine Your Upholstery With These Rug Ideas -  couple rug

Modern luxurious living room with Black Ink Rug

Black and white is always a safe choice for a rug, it is not only ever-lasting but it fits perfectly with any type of furniture. The Black Ink gives off a luxurious feeling to this room paired with the golden supernova suspension lights. The pattern of this rug seems simple yet elegant at the same time which creates a chic ambiance.

Rug Ideas to Match Your Upholstery

Modern classic living room with Adler rug

The Adler rug’s dark color makes it contrast with the neutral-colored armchairs. However, this interior reaches a perfect balance with these contrasting colors. The simple and neutral rug design highlights the elegant furniture present in this living space.

Modern minimalist living room in neutral tones with Umlaza Rug

Neutral rugs ideas a perfect for a living room with only one color. For an easy and pretty interior design, try matching the color of the rug to the color of the sofa since these are the two main items of a living room. The Umlaza Rug has a simple design that decorates beautifully the floors of this interior.

Luxurious and elegant living room with black version of the valencia rug

A monochrome interior design is also ideal for a chic living room. The black version of the Valencia Rug is a stunning piece that decorates the floors of any room beautifully. It pairs nicely with this curved sofa of a lighter color: This texture contrast creates a beautiful ambiance and emphasis the upholstered comfiness of the sofa.

Modern classic living room with neutral tones and the White Garden rug

If you’re looking for neutral rug ideas, here is the perfect candidate. This luxurious living room interior has the dashing White Garden Rug decorating its floors. The overall neutral color palette creates a soft ambiance and is extremely welcoming.


How To Combine Your Upholstery With These Rug Ideas -  White garden Rug


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