Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit … where the craftsmanship and design gets a voice

Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit is already tomorrow and this celebration of design and craftsmanship is going to be an event full of superpower ideas and arguments about the future of design and the importance of craftsmanship to the luxury design. Tomorrow it will be possible to see live showcases of craftsmanship techniques, like Arraiolos, Azulejo and Metal Casting. Let’s find out the details of this event.

Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit



Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit

Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar

Located in Gondomar, Porto, that is now considered a true design powerhouse, The Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar, designed by the renowned architect Siza Vieira, will be the ideal stage for the presentation of a unique event in the world that combines luxury with the craftsmanship of excellence, through design.

Summit- What is?

Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit


Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit remarkable networking event, organized by Covet Group, with a lively debate for creative minds, designers, artisans, and brands, to explore the increasingly crucial nexus between design and luxury that is injecting a new verve into the craftsmanship world. Each edition brings an immersive experience through a live showcase to unveil the behind the scenes reality of master artisan’s workshops and their meticulous and hard-earned skills to create unique pieces.

Live Showcases

Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit

Arraiolos Showcase

The Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit will be a place where you can see live master artisans meticulously performing the finest Arts & Crafts in a unique opportunity to discover the behind-the-scenes reality through different workshops. Last year we showcased unique crafts of Portuguese heritage, and some of the ancient techniques that merged with the new technologies we have today combine in the making of Design perfection. An example of a Showcase is Arraiolos, that is an identity and a genuine Portuguese textile piece. This technique of making rugs is all over the world and brings with it a part of the Portuguese story. The Arraiolos rugs are made by the embroidery, using the oblique cross stitch on a strong fabric base.


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