The Bedroom Carpet trend is making a comeback to turn our resting dens into cozy spaces. The comfort provided by a bedroom carpet is undeniable and will make you want to spend more time in this room. See also: Modern Rugs from Applegate Tran Interiors’s Projects

Interior Designing Tips: Bedroom Carpet trend is making a comeback

The bedroom is where we all start our day, and for it to start in the best way possible, the bedroom has to match the personality and way of life of the one who sleeps there. In the past few years, bedroom carpets have been cast aside and replaced by smaller rugs at the side of the bed. Recently, they decided to make a comeback. The truth? Bedroom carpets can make a difference in the decor, but also the comfort and intimacy of the bedroom. Nowadays, carpets are embracing the bedroom, especially the bed area, giving an intimate and comfy feeling, perfect for relaxing and rest after a long day. Luxurious Forest Green Bedroom with Möos Rug Forest green is associated with growth and balance, just like our Möos Rug, which helps you find the nirvana after a stressful day. Möos is a 100% handmade rug that combines the hand-tufted and over tufting techniques with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.

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Luxurious Bedroom with Valencia Rug A bedroom carpet has a very clear mission: to create comfort in the bedroom. Our Valencia Rug in this yellow shade pairs up quite nicely with the gold details of the decor and disrupts the neutral tones present in the bedroom, creating a luxurious yet cozy environment.
Grey Bedroom with Air Rug Geometric shapes are in high demand when it comes to interior design, especially when it comes to bedroom carpets. The Air Rug presents us with multiple shades of grey, using techniques like hand-tufting, over-tufting, and carving, enhancing the three-dimensional geometric design.
Gold Details Bedroom featuring Imperial Rug Any project that features Imperial Snake Rug is, without a doubt, a winning project. This luxurious bedroom carpet takes away all the worries of the day, creating a safe space to relax and take your mind off problems. The golden details in the snake match perfectly with the rest of the design, bringing all the decor together.
Neutral Bedroom with Adler Rug Neutral bedroom designs provide a tranquilizing setting perfect to embrace the slow way of living. Our Adler Rug is the key to this bedroom decor, a hand-tufted rug, made with natural wool and botanical silk that adds movement and texture to the final design.
Neutral Bedroom with Lucy Rug Our Lucy Rug is the star of this bedroom design, a hand-tufted rug made with botanical silk and natural wool, with an unusual shape is indubitably a statement piece of art in form of a rug, being the perfect bedroom carpet.
Kids Bedroom with Stellar Round Rug Kids deserve to have a bedroom where they can dream and wonder about the universe. Our Stellar Round Rug is inspired by the galaxy’s constellations and it happens to be the perfect choice to transport your kids to a place of imagination.
Luxurious Bedroom with Palm Rug
Having a fireplace in the bedroom is the epitome of comfort, but the Palm Rug is the key to this sumptuous design. The bedroom’s color palette focuses on terracotta shades and the black and white carpet shakes the design in a modern and contemporary way.
The chosen bedroom carpet in this design was the Medusa Rug that embraces the bed area and opens the motto for the blue tones that exhale from the room, reminding us of the ocean, the life it holds, and its grace.
Paris Bedroom with Neptuno Rug They say “Paris is always a good idea”, but we say that or Neptuno Rug is always a great idea. This bedroom carpet is inspired by the Roman God of the Sea and Freshwater, which represents the sea’s strength with its nautical motifs.
mid-century bedroom with a gray area rug that covers the whole floors and contrasts with the white bed. A elegant and minimalistic master bedroom with a mid-century design that has a large gray area rug decorating its floors and a white bed and bedframe. The golden table lamps bring a prestigious atmosphere to this interior. modern bedroom interior with the TED RUG, a shaggy textured rug perfect for the winter time. A luxurious bedroom interior decor with the TED RUGA soft shaggy rug with different colors that contrast with the neutral tones of the bedsheets and golden chandelier. This area rug brings personality as well as comfort to this bedroom. See also: 20 Luxurious Modern Silk Rugs to Style Your Living Room What did you think about these bedroom carpets? Stay updated with the best news about trends, interior design tips, and furniture luxury brands.  Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment and contact us by filling this form. You’ll be the first to hear about our news! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin for more inspiration!