Shalini Misra is a multi-award-winning luxury interior design studio based in London, specializing in bespoke interior architecture worldwide. Using her imagination, playing with spaces, volumes, and energy and delivering her clients the home they have always dreamed of is what she loves the most about her work. Keep reading and find out more about their vision about the interior design world.

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Shalini - The Celebration of Design

Shalini is a respected designer and principle of the company that she founded in 1996, specializing in residential and commercial property design, interiors and property development. The company, Shalini Misra Limited, has been the recipient of a number of international awards for its work and Shalini herself has built a notable reputation for her creative, erudite and artistic approach to interiors.

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“For any interior designer, the biggest commercial challenge will always that you are selling an idea and not a product. Your client has to believe in you and of course, that’s built over time and experience but recommendations and examples of your work always help a great deal.”

Shalini’s style is maximalism, carefully curated with an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary layering. Keeping ergonomics, function, and wellbeing at the heart of the design.

Shalini - The Celebration of Design

What makes Shalini feel fulfilled professionally is a happy team of designers and satisfied clients. But, these are only possible if the design created is comfortable and beautiful. They work closely with a team of consultants including structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, planning consultants, quantity surveyors, and party wall surveyors to provide a complete architectural solution.


They love to collaborate and always make sure to credit all parties involved. One of their most memorable collaborations was “SQUAT”, a property they acquired in Mayfair. They collaborated with Nilufar Gallery for furniture and curated artworks from Italian art galleries Robilant and Voena and Gio Marconi. They then opened up space to the public whilst the property went on sale. It worked so well that the property sold in record time! Currently, they are working on a collaboration with Aspreys for their interior products.

Shalini - The Celebration of Design

According to Shalini, natural and sustainable materials are the trends at the moment in the design world. There’s a huge emphasis on responsibility for the environment so we see more and more beautiful pieces being made from natural materials such as ethical cotton, bamboo, seagrass, and natural paints.

Shalini - The Celebration of Design

When asked about the design icons, Shalini told us that although she loves and admires Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Jencks, her ultimate favourite is Steve Jobs.

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Currently, they are working on several London and oversees projects which include a family home in Notting Hill, a private office in Dover Street Mayfair and a penthouse apartment in Los Angeles.

Shalini - The Celebration of Design

When asked about the craftsmanship, Shalini says that although they work with many amazing craftsman and local artisans, her favourite is Aspreys. They bring together heritage craftsmanship and British design effortlessly, offering an electric mix of the finest materials and skilled techniques which creating crafted pieces designed for longevity.

Shalini - The Celebration of Design

When it comes to the future of the design, Shalini wants to see more attention to the energy of the home such as Vatsu, Feng Shui and Ergonomics. I also think the importance of science and the principles of design can be perfect to focus on energy and the home.

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