Moodboards… The essential elements in the world of creativity

Moodboards are essential elements in the world of creativity because we need to feel constantly inspired to make the ideas flow and adapt our projects in a really good way.

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Blush New Neutral Moodboards


The Blush New Neutral is the perfect color to transform any room more comfortable, keeping it elegant, modern and sophisticated. One of the most important aspects of this trendy color is that it will always be a classic, no matter what.

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Abstract Art Geometric Moodboards

Covet House

This inspirational moodboard of Abstract Art Geometric is the perfect representation of all the magic of this art. With the power to transform the home decoration in a colorful landscape, full of details and personality, the Abstract Art Geometric arrived to give a breath of fresh air to any interior design.

Biophilia Moodboards

Covet House

Earth Tones Biophilia is the most inspirational reflection of nature. With all the atmospheric, peaceful, wild, and charming characteristics, Biophilia tries to translate all of those mystical and magical feelings into interior design and home decor. Let’s get lost in the forest of elegance and luxury!


Abstract Moodboards

Essential Home

When it comes to Abstract, simplicity, and spirituality are the main word, whoever, you have to prepare your ability to discover and interpret. This trend is here to show us the power of fluid and impressionist shapes and it’s an amazing way to bring art into your life and home decoration.

Warm Tones Moodboards


This moodboard of Warm Tones makes us feel inspired by the nude colors and if you like the feeling of fresh air and white look, this is definitely for you. These colors are timeless and when combined with organic tones, like brown and terracotta, the interior design will add a whole new vibe to the environment.

Black Matte Moodboards

Snake 8 Rug’Soceity

The cold atmosphere of metallics became one of the most powerful design trends for the following year, and if your goal is to make a complete recovery to your home decor, the combination between metallic and matte is the perfect option to create a sophisticated space. The moodboard of Metallic Black Matte will inspire you and surely will bring a minimalist yet dynamic feel to your living space.

Moodboards to inspire your interior design

Gold Accent Moodboards

Boca do Lobo

Using the gold element in interior design can be risky if it is exaggerated. But properly dosed it can give rooms a touch of class and elegance, without sounding at all kitschy. It is commonplace and must remain so, to consider the gold symbol of extravagance and wealth, associating it with excess, certainly not with sobriety. It is known, however, that all excesses are negative. Less is more, in this case, is a dogma to keep in mind, if you want to amaze your guests with some golden touches in your home. Focusing on details such as lamps, rugs, vases, and furniture can be the right key to use gold with class, without showing off.

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