Angel O’Donnell, a London Design Studio With Great Interior Ideas

Angel O’Donnell has created elegant and inviting interiors for over two decades for both private clients and developers. This partnership between Richard Angel and Ed O’Donnell is rooted in a deep respect for each other’s skills and is built on a mutual desire to deliver an authentically personal and in-depth service. Find out some of their beautiful Interior Ideas below!

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Battersea London

Angel O'Donnell

The first on our list of Andel O’Donnell’s Design Projects, this project in Battersea in a colourful modern style has a few touches of midcentury due not only to the colour choice but also to the fascinating choice of rug and art pieces. The mix of patterns is used in an incredible way that gives this living room a unique look.


Angel O'Donnell

The Dumont is another incredible project by Angel O’Donnell in London that is both bold and fresh, with a small touch of opulence in the colours and gold details, the talented designers were able to create a space that is full of interesting things but that is not too much. A perfect balance between simple and opulent.

East London Show Suite

Angel O'Donnell

This suite designed by Angel O’Donnell is very on-trend, with a young vibe to it. The brick walls give it a hipster feel, with the earthy tones creating a welcoming and fresh ambience. This interior project shows a strong personality while also appearing comfortable and well-balanced.

Private Residence Brixton

Angel O'Donnell

As we always say, rugs aren’t only meant to be on the floor. Sometimes they can be highlighted as the art pieces they are by hanging them on the walls! And that is exactly what Angel O’Donnell did in this unique bedroom. The tapestries on the wall complement the room while making it absolutely unique!

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

Private Residence Soho Loft

Angel O'Donnell

This private residence by Angel O’Donnell is another example of how talented this studio is and shows a lot of its design style. The amazing rug really stands out and makes a difference in this living room. The blue tones give the room some personality and the yellow on the floor covering gives it a little warmth and freshness at the same time.

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Private Residence, Mayfair

Angel O'Donnell

Angel O’Donnell achieved a beautiful neutral living room in this project, that has details that keep it from being too monochromatic. With modern lines, the statement pieces like the side table create a dynamic in this space, making it anything but boring!

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

Private Residence, West End

Angel O'Donnell

This project is another example of how Angel O’Donnell can elevate the idea of a neutral-toned space and make it unique and gorgeous. In simple tones, the blue details bring out the white and the art pieces present in the room. The choice of rug also brings some texture into this living room.

Soho Show Suite

Angel O'Donnell

In this living room, the rug helps achieve a balance between the dark hues of the floor and case goods. How wonderful are the lines and shapes of this living room?


The Atlas Building Penthouse

Angel O'Donnell

A modern outlook on a penthouse that combines dark and soft tones and different materials, achieving a beautiful result. The rug choice, once again, brings a pattern into the space that creates a unique dynamic. The choice in decor and furniture tells a story and gives us a sense of travels and different cultures.

‘Vertus’ Build to Rent Scheme, Canary Wharf

The lobby on this build to rent scheme brings us an otherworldly experience, with the pendant lights and the wall fixtures playing with the straight lines of the rug and the shape of the sofa. This Angel O’Donnel Project is definitely a perfect modern interior idea.

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