Modern Lounge Rugs, The Inspiration You Deserve

Modern Lounge Rugs are the elements that can make or break our interior design decoration. These large rugs promise to complete the look of your interiors and shake things up for the good in your projects. Today, Rug’Society will help you to find your perfect Modern Lounge Rugs. Stay tuned!

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Mermaid Lounge Rug

With a creation without limits, Rug’Society has developed the Mermaid Rug, the fourth of lounge collection. Inspired by the feminine representation of the sea, it transmits to us her delicacy, enticing beauty, and sensuality. An elegant and 100% handmade rug, made with botanical silk and lurex, that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project.

Imperial Snake Lounge Rug

The snake is one of the oldest and most well-known mythological symbols, being present in different cultures with similar meanings. The snake is powerfully connected with the power of life and represents the transformation of our lives. Imperial Snake Lounge is the most luxurious of our snake-based rugs, with its cream colors in botanical silk framing an elaborate and trendy design.

Kleopatra Lounge Rug

The Kleopatra Rug is an amazing design that goes perfectly in lounge settings, in fact, it was created just for that. With a love for ancient Egypt and ancient communication, the Kleopatra Lounge Rug creates a one-of-a-kind feeling with its sky blue color and pale mustard tones

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Lucy Lounge Rug

With unique lines and unmistakable shapes, Lucy is a modern rug inspired in geometrical shapes and shades of pastel pink that make this astonishing lounge rug. Lucy is a hand-tufted product made with botanical silk and natural wool which has a super design that gathers all the magic of simple things and transforms your home decor into a colorful landscape.

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