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Get Inspired with the Best Interior Designers from Montreal

Interior Designers from Montreal live in the second-most populous city in Canada and most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. This city has been known for its thriving art scene as one of North America’s most creative cities, and it’s also emerging as one of the most exciting places on the continent for boundary-breaking art. This makes it the perfect breeding ground for outstanding interior designers and architects.

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1. Ædifica

Interior Designers from Montreal

In business since 1985 as one of the top Interior Designers from Montreal, Ædifica is an award-winning practice with a large integrated team of different backgrounds who all work together to create meaningful and long-lasting spaces. Their belief is that design is a powerful tool to convey identity and articulate values. Ædifica is know as an architectural firm that places human at the heart of every project.

2. Agence Imagine – Design & Architecture

Interior Designers from Montreal

Imagine, an interior design firm, was created in 2014 in Montreal by Mélodie Violet, interior designer of Canada (DIC) and board member of the professional association of interior designers of Quebec (APDIQ). With high-quality expertise in interior design for commercial, corporate or residential projects, this team of Interior Designers from Montreal brings together the passion, creativity and professionalism necessary to the smooth running of each of the projects they take on.

3. Annika Krausz

interior designers of Montreal

Born and raised in Montréal, Annika Krausz worked as a decorator and art director on film sets for 12 years before transitioning into commercial and residential design. She enjoys mixing styles and eras by incorporating vintage and contemporary elements, from high-end finds to flea market treasures. Thanks to her Hollywood Experience, you can count with Miss Krausz to provide your project that Hollywood Vibe. That’s the principal reason she is considered one of the top interior designers of Montreal.

Design Service 2019

4. Bipède

interior designers of Montreal

Founded in 2008 by two landscape designers, Élaine Fortin and Virginie Lamothe, Bipède is a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in residential and commercial design, but also furniture and accessories design. Bipède focuses on the client as a dynamic element who is part of the creation process while interacting with their environment. That’s why they are one of the top Interior Designers from Montreal.

5. Catlin Stothers Design

interior designers of Montreal

Catlin Stothers Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Montreal. The founder, Catlin Stothers leads a team of creative minds who are passionate for creating residential interiors that improve the lives of their clients. Catlin is known for her keen eye and ability to balance a modern aesthetic with a down to earth sensibility. Clean lines are harmonized by organic materials and the accentuation of natural light. CS Design strives to create minimalist spaces that provoke reaction, are highly functional, and easily lived in by their owners.

6. Denis Bourgeois Design

interior designers of Montreal

Always on the lookout for trends, it is with passion and determination that Denis Bourgeois invests in sophisticated and refined material combinations. Stimulated by large-scale projects, the artist specializes in the metamorphosis of the complex spaces that make up his clients’ environment. This designer stands out due to his great sensitivity and active listening, what allows him to create high-end atmospheres.

Room by Room - Rug'Society


A harmony of styles, colours, textures and rugs of all shapes in one place.

7. HB Design

interior designers of Montreal

HB Design is one of the most surprising and refreshing Interior Designers from Montreal. This is a firm that focuses in projects for home renovation and new construction.  HB Design tries to bring wellness into their work, to cultivate creativity, positivity, and a general sense of joy. Their aim is to create memorable spaces with the perfect balance of personality and polish.

8. Hibou Design

interior designers of Montreal

Hibou Design is an innovative team of designers with the mission of designing beautiful homes while focusing on style, overall comfort and liveability for their clients. Hibou Design & Co. has been featured in many publications including Style at Home, Montreal Home, and Style Me Pretty. Based out of Montreal, but with clients in many countries, their projects range widely in size, scope and budget and combine beauty with function.

9. Isabelle Viau with DécoStyle

interior designers of Montreal

Isabelle Viau has owned her company DecoStyle Design since 2007. During her 10 years of experience, she has acquired considerable skills in all design processes. Indeed, she acompanies projects from meeting with clients to site monitoring. She stands out for her dynamic, motivated and enterprising personality. It’s important to this designer that her projects reflect ingenuity and functionality. Isabelle has carried out very impressive commercial and residential projects, which quickly gave her notoriety in the field and beyond.

10. Jean Stephane Beauchamp Design

interior designers of Montreal

With a sophisticated, fresh, casual, unique, elegant and authentic style that brings together different periods, styles or elements, Jean Stephane Beauchamp is a well-versed interior designer. Having studied Design, Fine Arts, Photography, Psychology and Art Therapy, his interior designs encompass a unique blend of eclectic design elements that create a very personal, curated, comfortable, layered and timeless space. With a vast range of clients and styles, Jean Stephane Beauchamp is one of the top Interior Designers from Montreal.

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11. Kelli Richards Designs

interior designers of Montreal

With a Modern minimal and sophisticated style, Kelli Richards is one of the Interior Designers from Montreal that offers interior design services for luxury residences and commercial spaces with unique outcomes. Their focus is on creating extraordinary and meaningful spaces with an approach that sees the interior environment as an art form and combines functionality with beauty.

12. Lyne Côté Designer

interior designers of Montreal

Drawing her inspiration from nature and the diversity of cultures in the world, Lyne Côté Designer is an interior designer with over 35 years of experience in the field and someone who still loves to create beautiful and comfortable environments. Each of her creations is a quest to find beauty and meaning, which is carried by her sensitivity and incredible know-how. Lyne Côté Designer definetly deserves to be one of the amazing Interior Designers from Montreal in this list!

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

13. M-Architecture

interior designers of Montreal

M-architecture sees architectural design as an area of ​​complexity and contingency. Their work focuses on considering constraints that the architect must manage during the different phases of the design process: from ideation to site. In this sense, the M_Architecture team composes and creates with the limits imposed on it; and with a desire to offer original and functional spaces, while taking care of the needs, budget and schedule of its customers.

14. Philippe Harvey Designer

interior designers of Montreal

One of the most experienced designers on this list is Philippe Harvey, who is an interior designer with an incredible two decades of experience. Trough out his incredible career, his goal is that each project meets the style and taste his clients, in order to have them feel comfortable in any environment and space of their homes. Philippe Harvey designs exclusive projects that must be timeless, functional and should give the customer a sense of pride and happiness.

15. Rebecca Mitchell Interiors

Ranked as one of Montreal’s Top Interior Designers, Rebecca Mitchell Interiors is a full-service interior design firm with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. With most work projects based in Montreal, Rebecca Mitchell Interiors it’s a versatile design studio with high praises amongst that can equally work bold styles or more classic patterns of design.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

16. Rebecca-Laëla Dubé Designer

interior designers of Montreal

Working in the world of interior design for over 15 years, Rebecca’s passion for travel, art and architecture pushed her towards this profession. Today, this designer devote herself as a designer to help people build, renovate, expand or refresh their property or business while maintaining a balance between their personal tastes and new trends. Her focus is mainly in the arrangement of textures, colors, materials and lighting in a functional and lively space.

17. RobitailleCurtis

interior designers of Montreal

Founded in 2013 by a Montreal Landscape Architect and an American Architect, RobitailleCurtis brings international background to its personal, creative, and detail-oriented practice. RobitailleCurtis achieves elegant designs across disciplines that are beautiful in form, rich in material composition, and that maintain a lasting sense of integrity and durability. Sensitive to client aspirations and to the character of place, the firm crafts an architecture that is authentic, efficient, and endeavors to elevate the human spirit.

18. Rosalie Levi

interior designers of Montreal

In the last 20 years, Rosalie’s portfolio has grown to include corporate offices, restaurants, retail spaces, private schools, investment properties, B&B’s and residences ranging from small condos to multi-million dollar homes. With her signature SpaceShifting™ process, Rosalie helps her clients get it together, from feeling frustrated and not knowing where to start, to being in control with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Rosalie’s calm, confidant and informative approach is contagious and soothing. Her unique process includes educating and involving her clients, helping them to make the necessary decisions to complete their project successfully.

19. Stéphanie Fortier Design

interior designers of Montreal

This Interior Designer from Montreal has the mission to create a comfortable, warm decor, a functional and refined design, a universe in which one will feel good and be proud to share with others. For residential or contract projects, choosing Stéphanie Fortier Design means choosing a multitude of services and qualities that will make your design project a success.

20. TOC design & construction

interior designers of Montreal

By blending interior design ideas with the hottest artistic movements, Tania Scardellato is constantly looking for something new in her field and that’s what makes the firm a veritable trendsetter. Her firm wants to draw out their clients’ desires, and express them in a unique and highly individual way. That’s one of the reasons they are considered one of the best Interior Designers from Montreal.

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