Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

Singapore Interior Designers are lucky to be working in a country that has the reputation of the preeminent global destination for modern design, recognized with its designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Design. Luxury design is an influence in this city and it can be found in any form. In this article, we will get a look into the Top 20 Interior Designers from Singapore.

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1. Aiden T, founded in 2005, is an award-winning firm that offers full design services, specializing in residential and commercial spaces. This company has designed a wide range of projects including landed property, condominiums, flats, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

2. akiHAUS Studio is a boutique interior design consultancy firm that won the Interior Design Firm of the Year at the Lookbox Design Awards in 2018.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By
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3. Arete Culture is an interior decorating firm specialized in fast and affordable home makeovers. They believe in creating beautiful and functional spaces for their clients to feel at home in.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

4. Carpenters Design Group has a commitment to excellence. Their team’s main goal is to provide good customer service to exceed their expectations and create high-quality customer service with equally high-quality interior design services.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

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5. Ciseern was established in 1997 and it’s a creative interior design company that is famously known for its aesthetic interior design concept. They have accumulated impressive credibility in Singapore’s interior design scene.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

6. Design Intervention was created by Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage and they are masters in bringing personality to every project. To bring this to life they use visual language to express their clients’ passions and aspirations through interior design choices. Design Intervention combines glamour with a certain feminine romance, incorporating their Chinese heritage through modern design.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

7. Elysian Design offers professional interior design and renovation services for both residential and commercial spaces. Their experience through the years has helped them to establish a tea of dedicated project managers that recognize the importance of close collaboration with their clients to achieve their desired living or workspaces.

Best Top Interior Design from Singapore to Get Inspired By

8. Free Space Intent was established in 1999 and is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm. They have worked with a large variety of private and corporate clients, creating a wide range of residential spaces, bars or lounges, restaurants, and office spaces.

9. Fuse Concept established in 2001 aspires to provide quality design consultation and turnkey project management to residential and commercial projects. Their team of designers conducts the project on the principle that their clients’ needs and expectations are paramount.

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10. HBA Singapore creates the signature looks of nowadays luxury brands. They are a company that works mainly with boutique hotels, urban resorts, world-class residences, restaurants, and casinos.


11. Juz Interior is specialized in transform residential spaces. Their team takes care of every client’s needs, creating their projects with special attention for the style and budget.

12. LCL Interior integrates interior design solutions including design, fit-out, and decoration. They are also responsible for overall project management. Their clients can expect excellent service and help. LCL Interior gives exquisite attention to details in every project they own.

13. Mr Shopper Studio was established in 2014 in the pursuit of creating the ultimate aesthetic and customized consumer service for the Singapore interior design scene. Ken and Kate combined their experiences of working alongside and this brought to create notorious interior design projects.

14. Neu Konceptz is an interior design firm established in 2013 and they strive on developing unique design solutions for challenging spaces. This company works both with residential and commercial projects. In their work, they pay attention to details when designing and building interiors that are driven by sustainability and aesthetics.

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15. Space Atelier was established in 2014 and they approach to design through rigorous inquiry into the needs of their clients and the challenges of their unique projects.

16. Superfat Designs is a consultancy firm for both interior design and architectural services. They focus their interest in visual arts, photography, sustainability, and contextualism. Superfat Designs are proud of themselves by the way they synthesize their clients’ needs with sympathy. This helps to create a good environment of work between their team and their clients. Moreover, this helps to produce a design uniquely tailored to suit the lifestyles of their clients.

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17. Studio DB includes designers with varying backgrounds which allows them to have a unique vision and approach. They engage in and oversee every aspect of the project and offer the best solutions for every client needs.

18. The Scientist is “fueled by the simples belief that there is no clear-cut formula to follow”. In this way, they address every project with an open mind and make sure that all the clients’ needs are clearly satisfied. Their design aesthetic is driven by imagination and it’s both pleasing to the eye and functional.

19. Vivre Creative Design creates living spaces inspired to design stylish and luxury homes in Singapore. They also deliver personalized interiors that match their clients’ lifestyles and pay attention to every client needs.

20. Weiken has a refined sense of style. Their portfolio draws a stylish and classy vibe. Weiken team has a friendly attentive service with their clients and provides creative, innovative, and aesthetic interior design solutions.

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