Boho chic living room ideas combine various cultures and artistic expressions in order to create an eclectic look. The Bohemian style is a vibrant, colorful, and aesthetic style that not all can pull off but no worries we got you covered. Asymmetrical layouts and a lively combination of colors and patterns, as well as various furniture designs, are characteristics of bohemian design. Boho fashion is frequently extremely easygoing and casual, with a relaxed attitude to styling.

Boho Chic Living Room Ideas

Bohemian home décor mixes objects that are fluid, daring, and unconventional. The style often combines a variety of organic features. Today, the term “boho” is mainly used to identify items that are unique and artistic. Rug’Society has unique contemporary rugs that fit in that category perfectly. Here is a list of the best boho chic living room ideas with high-end artistic rugs.

Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with blue area rug for living room

Although there are some parallels between eclectic and bohemian home decor, they are not exactly the same. “boho” is a certain design aesthetic that results from the method of creatively combining decorative materials. Here for instance we have the soft EYE RUG made of wool paired with an excellent single-tone boucle upholstery armchair with a rich texture that is distinguished by fine stitching.

new rug'society catalogue 2022

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Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with a golden painted area rug design and curved sofa in beige.

There are many different methods to incorporate boho design into a home interior design. There are also various degrees of intensity from more subdued eclectic design features to an overtly bohemian space filled with vibrant prints, textures, and materials. This living room reaches the perfect balance with a not too overwhelming rug pattern yet vibrant enough to catch our attention. The VALENCIA RUG is a stylish contemporary rug that will improve your home décor.

Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with colorful designed rug.

Boho is a style that frequently includes saturated, unusual, and bright color schemes. This produces a lot of contrast, which stands out against a white background. The GRAFFITIFIED I RUG is the embodiment of boho with its vibrant colors in an artistic pattern. A rug like this one is meant to make a statement and be the center of attention.


urban rug with colorful hues. Boho Chic Living Room Ideas
Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with mermaid rug a oval carpet in neutral tones

A palette of high-contrast neutrals might be ideal for you if you like a more sober take on boho style. The MERMAID is a gorgeous oval rug that brings delicacy and an air of feminity to a room. Its soft neutral pastel colors are also flexible which makes it fit within any type of boho interior design. As you can see our list has amazing Boho chic living room ideas that are easy to recreate.

The Most Incredible Boho Chic Living Room Ideas For Your Design Project

Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with neutral round rug and curved sofa with chandelier in brass

Contrary to what most think, neutrals are also present in boho interior designs. The aggressiveness of saturation that defines the boho style is still present but in browns and rust tones. The round KOI 2 RUG, curved sofa, and center table produce a serene atmosphere that is relaxing and elegant. Neutral boho chic living room ideas might not be the most popular but they are beautiful nevertheless.


neutral round rug with a design inspired by the koi fish. Boho Chic Living Room Ideas
Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with black and white rug and beige armchairs, white sleek center table.

Boho chic living room ideas with black and white designs can be a great idea. Patterns give a bohemian setting life and movement. The COUPLE RUG has a lovely design that mixes different shapes and prints. Bohemian designs are all about creating a distinctive aesthetic that stands out from anything else.

Boho Chic Living Room Ideas in beige tones with area rug.

Boho chic living room ideas now refer to an aesthetic that draws inspiration from those early generations of free spirits and is used more as an adjective than a noun. The eclectic modern bohemian style emphasizes natural materials and retro items from the 1950s to late 1970s. In this room, you have mid-century style furniture that reflects that generation. The light WHITE GARDEN RUG creates a graceful living room décor that contrasts with the lighter-toned wooden floor and suspension lights.

Rug'Society virtual tour, visit the stand as if you were there. Boho Chic Living Room Ideas
Boho Chic Living Room Ideas with runner gray rug and white sofa.


Bohemian interior design layouts tend to be more relaxed yet there are no hard and fast rules. This complements the more collected aspect of this design style and offers a space a more laid-back feel. The RUIN RUG may be a nice piece to add to a boho living room.

elegant modern runner rug with gray hues and details. Boho Chic Living Room Ideas

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