Here are the best interior design trends from iSaloni 2022. Thousands of national and international architects, designers, manufacturers, artists, and craftspeople gathered on Milan for its annual Design Week, which took place from June 7 to 12. We spent the week looking for new design trends and exchanging ideas with them on interior design, furniture, and lighting. Take a look!


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Interior Design Trends From iSaloni

interior design trends at iSaloni 2022

We are halfway through 2022 and iSaloni has brought to us a few ideas and Interior design trends that might become popular for the rest of the year and even more next year. We gathered the most popular designs that we saw at the fair so you won’t feel out of the loop if you couldn’t be at iSaloni this year.

The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends

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The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends, living room decor with round rug and wall rugs

Because one of the key themes of iSaloni 2022 was sustainability, goods made of plastic materials were generally absent. This fair emphasized the importance of the environment, and designers reveled in the challenge of creating environmentally-friendly items that are nevertheless elegant and stylish. Sustainability is one if not the most important interior design trends for 2022 where the consumer has become very aware of the importance of ecology. At Salone del Mobile, designers experimented with traditional materials like bamboo and wool, as well as metallics like brass, copper, and other forms of metals, to emphasize a piece of furniture.

The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends. Dining room with area rug in blue and gray tones

Wood is also a material that has grown in popularity and made its way onto our list of interior design trends from iSaloni. The majority of people equate wood with longevity and durability. Using wood instead of plastic reduces waste and ensures a more environmentally friendly home design. We noticed several stands at the iSaloni Fair that combined technology and tradition to make stunning wooden goods. This dining room has a beautiful wooden table with a gloss finish that adds a glamourous feeling.




The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends, modern rug with a pop of color

Although the phrase “biophilia design” is new, it has gained a lot of traction in the field of interior design in the previous few years. This is an interior design trend that emphasizes on showcasing nature’s beauty, which comes in a wide range of shapes and hues. The FELINE RUG does just that with its pattern of a tiger and flowers. Furniture and accessories were designed using botanical shapes and outlines. Instead of the rigid geometric forms popular in the previous decade, most pieces adopted curved and organic designs, producing a sense of comfort, accessibility, and playfulness. People nowadays are more likely to decorate their homes with a natural theme.

The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends. Art gallery with rugs.

This year, Salone Del Mobile focused significantly on artisanal craftsmanship and traditional techniques. The idea was to avoid using “mechanical equipment” in favor of highlighting natural and manual processes. Rug’Society is a brand that represents these ideals and supports handcrafted items made by the best Portuguese artisans. They also provide a Design Service, which makes one-of-a-kind works that are tailored to the client’s wishes and ideas while paying attention to traditions and emphasizing originality and authenticity.

The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends

Amazing Interior Design Trends For The End of 2022

Another of prominent interior design trends that we spotted was curvy furniture which exudes warmth and cozy during Salone Del Mobile. For instance, the Stand of Essential Home had a lot of mid-century curved furniture with an elegant flair. This dining room for instance exudes elegance with a cozy vibe, This style of curved design gives a room softness and creates a visually pleasing and straightforward view. It’s one of the most popular living room interior design trends at the moment.

The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends, living room  with earth tones.

Warm earth tones have received a lot of attention at iSaloni and have become one of those interior design trends that you can’t miss. The use of rich, deep tones and earthy colors. A number of stands used brown and neutral colors as a large component of their product and stand design color scheme. Color palettes that were both harmonious and diverse were employed by designers, who took colors from nature and experimented with their spectrum. This year, black, white, and gray were abandoned in favor of dark brown, beige with a hint of cream, and terracotta tones.



The Best of iSaloni 2022's Interior Design Trends. minimalist dining room with black dining table and blue chairs.

One of the most prominent interior design trends at Salone del Mobile was minimalism. Only the most fundamental characteristics of furniture and rug designs were used to emphasize their functionality rather than their aesthetics. BRABBU has some of the most attractive and minimalist things we saw at the show this year.

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