Bedroom rugs are essential if you want to make this space feel comfier. Nothing is more frustrating than stepping out of a warm, snug bed to face a cold floor. Rug’Society has a large collection of bedroom rugs in different styles and colors and is handmade with high-quality materials such as wool and botanical silk. Let us help you find the perfect rug for your bedroom interior design.

Bedroom Rugs To Inspire You

Contemporary bedroom rugs will transform your sleeping space into an aesthetic and comfortable space that will make you wish you never had to leave the room. You are only one step away from finding the ideal living room rug to create a beautiful personal space to relax and enjoy some alone time.

Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier with area rug in golden hues and black and white design


Every bedroom deserves the right to be unique. The VALENCIA RUG adds a unique personality to your bedroom and is customizable in terms of size and color. Its design is not only beautiful but its soft texture also is worth mentioning. Made of nature wool, this rug will make you feel as if you are walking through clouds as you step outside of the bed.

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Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier. Bedroom area rug in black and white


A bedroom rug has a lot of advantages, not only it keep your feet warm it also decreases noise significantly. Without the sound of footsteps clicking back and forth across the bedroom, you can walk freely without feeling conscious about the cold floor or the noise that could wake up your significant other still sleeping. The COUPLE RUG in black and white is a gorgeous piece that will add elegance to your bedroom and make it feel more luxurious.

Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier with gray hues


The AIR RUG is absolute the best bedroom rug thanks to its soft texture and the geometric design with straight lines that create a 3D perspective. You will love running your feet through this area rug and feel its soft wool fibers. The AIR RUG is manufactured with the noblest materials – Natural Wool and Botanical Silk for the maximum comfort.

Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier with blue area rug


The MADEIRA RUG is without a doubt one of our favorite carpets for the bedroom. A soft rug under your bed will keep your feet warm in the morning and bring a refreshing ambiance to the room. This rug is very appealing with its different shades of blue and green and will create a beautiful bedroom décor.

The Best Contemporary Bedroom Rugs For A Cozy Space

Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier with collorful pattern


The LA LAND is one of those bedroom rugs that is bright with a high pile that will brighten up your bedroom decor. Add a fuzzy rug like this one and your feet will never be cold again. The rug offers a variety of pastel hues that are mixed with a fluffy texture, making it a highly fashionable carpet. Made with New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk, this rug is robust and modern, bringing the strength of nature into your home decor.

Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier with neutral hues


With the IMPERIAL SNAKE BEDROOM RUG, you will add elegance to your bedroom. The soft rug has a simple design of a snake that reflects renewal and power. With white colors in floral silk framing an ornate and modern design, IMPERIAL SNAKE is the most opulent of our snake-based rugs.

Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier with black and white rug


The PALM RUG is a modern bedroom rug that is both simple and bold, with neutral hues that can be mixed and matched in any project. It’s a one-of-a-kind rug with a timeless spirit that combines hand-tufting and overtufting techniques with natural wool and botanical silk to create a minimalist rug design.

new rug'society catalogue 2022 - Bedroom Rugs That Will Make Your Room So Much Cozier

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