As the year is coming to an end, the Pantone Color Of the Year 2022 is already out and we love it! Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938) according to the Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, reflects all the transformations related to the current global situation. This color symbolizes modern life and the digital world that has become a reality.

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Pantone Color Of the Year 2022

Pantone Color Of the Year 2022 Is Very Peri Moodboard Trends

The Pantone Color fo the Year 2022 is meant to express confidence and curiosity in home interior designs and Rug’Society is full of suggestions on how to use this color. Check out some of our Very Peri-colored ambients that will for sure uplift your interior and keep it trendy.

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Pantone Color Of the Year 2022 With Fabulous Very Peri Rugs

Modern classic entryway with Snake 8 Rug in  very peri color with snake pattern and marbeld console

Very Peri can help to create a stunning entryway with the incredible Snake 8 Rug with the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 version. Enhance the beauty of your home interior with this rug that combines elegance and comfort while generating a sense of wonder. The Snake 8 Rug design pays homage to the historical significance of the snake and brings a modern flair to this space.


Hallway with Valencia rug in Very peri color

This Valencia Rug with the Pantone color of the year 2022 brings freshness to any home interior with a unique color combination. This color is a mix of periwinkle blue with violet undertones that create a sensorial harmony.

Living room corner with Lola Rug and curved blue Bourbon Sofa and round agra table

A colorful living room corner with the round Lola Rug. This room reunites new trendy interior designs with colorful patterns, textures, and shapes. The Bourbon curved sofa matches nicely with the blue and purple tones of this rug and the Agra round table brings an air of elegance.


Lola rug
Pantone Color Of the Year 2022 Is Very Peri, living room with coll rug and koi side table with beige sofa

Very Peri is a color that gathers a sense of comfort while also making a luxury stand. This living room for instance showcases a sophisticated yet bold design by pairing the Coll Rug with the very peri color and sofa with more neutral tones, creating a unique feeling.

Knightsbridge manor apartment

Mid-century living room corner with Prisma 1 Rug with Koi side table and armchair with thouches of Pantone Color Of the Year 2022  Very Peri

Daring to use such a color in a room is choosing to make a statement to create ambients that stand out for their uniqueness and originality. Using this color to fill a whole room might be too much but using it in specific areas of furnishing can create a fabulous style such as here in the Prisma Rug I.


Pantone Color Of the Year 2022 Is Very Peri in Prisma I Rug

Very Peri: Pantone Color Of the Year 2022

Modern contemporary living room with very peri bourbon sofa and Oscar Rug

This living room is stylish and trendy not only for its color palette but also for the choice of furnishing. The Oscar Rug decorates nicely the floors of this interior with unique shapes and forms inspired by the artistic movement Cubism. The Very Pery Bourbon Sofa stands out for its vibrant color, creating a beautiful ambient.

Dark dining room with Rosary Rug in very peri color

If a color is mixed with the right items, it can create beautiful spaces. Very Peri is the perfect choice for a warm and stunning ambient that is trendy and stylish. The Rosary Rug brings comfort to this dark and enigmatic dining room.

Modern contemporary living room with Miro rug in very peri color and white armchairs with brown sofa

There is no wrong in choosing the Very Peri color. It not only brings freshness into the room but creates a unique style with an incredible statement. The Miró rug does just that with its stunning color.

Modern contemporary living room with leather rug and very peri armchairs with golden center table

The Pantone color of the year 2022 makes the room pop with its vibrant color paired with a golden center table and a leather rug. This room makes a statement by combining different styles and colors that somehow work perfectly in harmony.

Ted rug decorates this hallway with tones of blue

The Ted Rug brings a colorful dynamism to any room thanks to its abstract shapes and blue tones. This Rug was created in order to explore new trends of tapestry and thinking of the future. This rug mixes exclusive tones with unforgettable tones.


Ted Rug
Closet decorated with Isaac Rug and Essex armchair

Bringing life to a wall with the Very Peri color can help a rug such as the Isaac rug to stand out with its warmer colors and innovative geometric design. This Rug catches our attention as soon as we enter the room and with the wall with the Pantone color of the year 2022.

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