Bedroom rugs are an unforgettable item to use to decorate your bedroom floors into a stylish and elegant ambient. The Bedroom of One’s One belongs to the dazzling project “The ‘Illustrious’ Knightsbridge Mannor” by Home’Society and BRABBU. This project was inspired by the city where royalty lives which had a great influence on the home’s striking visuals.

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Fanstatic Bedroom Rugs That Can Transform Your Bedroom

Bedroom rugs can transform a space into a real sanctuary that evokes peace, relaxation and quietness. This is a harmonious bedroom with visual thrills with a fantastic rug. This interior, as well as the whole house entirely, is a sensorial masterpiece. This Manor provides a royal sense of utter fantastical luxury through the shapes and forms of intense elements that all-around turn this home into a majestic space where dreams roam free.

The coll rug in this modern bedroom is one of the best bedroom rugs from Rug'Society

Just like many others, these parents have fought to be able to own their own space. They conquered the honor of owning their dream bedroom, a room filled with love, intensity, and awesome colors that perfectly blend into an astonishing harmonic visual.

It all started with a drawing and an idea. This bedroom came to life with one of the most unique shaped bedroom rugs, a stunning golden mirror facing the bed, just above the fireplace, and a lovely center table. The combination of these elements enabled the creation of a space which is a true sanctuary.

Bedroom Rugs For An Incredible Bedroom Of One's One

This amazing room is blessed by the amazing Coll Rug, the dazzling Latza Center Table and the Amik Table Light, which allow for some intensely unique moments of rest and harmony.


This is the Coll Rug by RUG’SOCIETY

Latza Center Table by BRABBU

The AMIK Table Light By BRABBU

All these elements create an amazing atmosphere for this bedroom with only luxury items that these homeowners deserve. It is a beautiful home interior that will last for generations.

Design Service 2019

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