Contemporary Rugs Inspiration provided by The Archers, a Los Angeles-based group of architects, designers, artists, and cinephiles.

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Contemporary Rugs Inspiration

Buildings, interiors, and furnishings for private residences and public spaces are among The Archers’ projects.

Hill House Five

Incredible reading Room with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

Only the dusty pink concrete block central fireplace core, steel beams, and window frames remain from a tiny two-story mid-century house that was extensively and thoughtfully remodeled. The goal of the intervention was to bring the house back to life as a mid-century ‘lost jewel,’ while keeping our footprints to a minimum.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

Hill House Four

Bedroom Corner with colourful rug and Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

The new house, which was essentially a modest post and beam building encased in fresh stucco, glass, and metal from the 1940s, had undergone numerous design interventions over the years, resulting in a number of uncomfortable spaces and architectural vocabulary.

Thirty Third Floor Apartment

Living Room inspiration with achitectural interventions and Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

The architectural interventions were inspired by Stern/Candela and drew inspiration from elements found in the building’s vast public spaces.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

Ranch House

Interior with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration, in round Form
The Archers

Throughout the interior trim features, a post and beam framework intersects with new brickwork. White is painted on most wood and masonry surfaces in a variety of subtle hues and finishes, ranging from dead-flat to high-gloss lacquer.

Contemporary Rugs Inspiration by Ther Archers Project’s

The Archers, an AD100 firm created by Richard Petit and Stephen Hunt in 2002. The team’s diverse areas of interest and combined knowledge result in a very collaborative approach to design.


Details of the Office with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

Office was designed to convey the executive’s personal flair, confidence, and daring. We manufactured custom wood shutters and established a classicising order to the envelope with applied boiserie, lacquering everything a high-gloss, dark petrol green to balance the harsh brightness and heighten the drama in a virtually Kubrickian way.

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Hill House Three

fully functional house for guests with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

The goal of this project was to develop a fully functional second house capable of entertaining large events and overnight guests, yet we couldn’t increase a single square foot due to zoning constraints.

Hill House Two

Living Room with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

The intricate tile work and sculpted plaster features created an odd backdrop for the customers’ collection of largely late-twentieth-century furniture and art. Prior to their purchase, the house had undergone a major renovation, and some questionable decisions had been made, such as uneven flagstone kitchen floors.

Contemporary Rugs Inspiration – The best Designs by The Archers


classy Home with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

Without altering the envelope in any way, the team intended to create a classy home vibe within a utilitarian box. The one-hundred-square-foot area accommodates a sales team and a large inventory while also providing an intimate setting for presentations and entertainment.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

Beach House

contemporary Residence with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration in Black
The Archers

The Archers were tasked with domesticating a sequence of stunning yet uninviting spaces for large steel, glass, and limestone contemporary residence on the beach in Malibu.

Hill House Six

Completly different Living room with Contemporary Rugs Inspiration
The Archers

The primary purpose of this property in the Hollywood Hills was to create a more welcoming setting for a smart young art collector and his growing family.

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