Modernize your living room with the Best Rugs made by the greatest Portuguese craftsmen. Rug’Society has the finest contemporary designs at your deposition. We take inspiration from artistic movements and lifestyle handcrafted traditions in order to create luxurious, unique and unmatched rug designs.

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How To Create An Effortless Interior Design With The Best Rugs

Give a fresh and modern twist to your living room with creative and artistic rugs that will decorate your floors or walls and impress your guests. Make a great impact with a stunning living room rug. Let our Top 20 list inspire you for your future interior design projects.

The Best Rugs And Where to Find Them

The alluring Adler Rug is a stunning piece of decoration with its lovely design and neutral colors. The sofa, as well as the wooden center table, are a perfect match and create a nice and cozy living room. The Adler rug can be considered as one of the best rugs for its charming pattern.

A modern contemporary living room with the famous Kleopatra Lounge Rug. This is a unique rug with an original design. The colors match nicely with the blue armchairs and white sofa. It is a dazzling sight.

One of the best rugs to add to a modern classic living room style is the Imperial Snake Rug. A magnificent neutral-colored living room with a dragon pattern. Inspired by the well-known mythological stories, this luxurious rug reflects elegance with an elaborate design.

modern classic living room with inkahole rug, white armchairs, marbled fireplace

A Modern black and white living room with the fabulous Inkahole Rug. The monochrome palette of this space creates an elegant and classy ambient. This neutral-colored version of the Inkahole rug pairs nicely with the white armchairs and marbled fireplace.

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A living room unlike any other thanks to the lively Reptilus rug that symbolizes adaptability and regeneration. The green color establishes a joyful and welcoming space, perfect to invite guests over for a cup of tea.

Create an elegant and astonishing living room with the Valencia Rug. This rug’s bold yellow color paired with a monochrome pattern creates a classy ambiance. Paired with other black and white elements such as the Fitzroy sofa and Center table, this rug establishes a stylish and effortless living room interior design.

The Oscar rug is one of the best rugs thanks to its original and artistic pattern. Inspired by Cubanism, this rug’s shapes and lines transform your floors into a piece of art. This piece will transform your living room into an art gallery.

A modern contemporary rug with the exquisite Apollo Rug. This rug will transform your living room into a stylish ambient thanks to its detailed design and color palette.

The Ruin Rug is one of the best rugs out of the Urban collection from Rug’Society. It is a beautiful rug with a lot of details that are meant to refer to ancient civilizations and highlight the importance of the past. This rug brings an effortless charm to any room.

A lovely neutral-colored living room with a nice area rug and center table. This modern contemporary living room mixes several styles into a harmonious ambient. The mid-century armchairs paired with the modern lights create an elegant aura to the room.

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The Best Rugs For an Effortless Look

Modern contemporary dining room with gray area rug, contemporary armchairs and black center table.

A dazzling modern contemporary living room with a gray area rug, a black center table and contemporary armchairs. The unique shape of the armchairs combined with the center table creates an amazing interior design, that will for sure impress.

A great modern contemporary living room with a lovely rug and a golden center table. An all-neutral living room is for sure to grant an effortless look for your home interior.

A stunning modern living room in tones of blue. The area rug has a beautiful pattern that adds personality to the living room and creates an effortless look.

A dazzling ambient with a gorgeous area rug that matches the gray sofa and armchairs. The gold details fro the hanging lights and sofa establish a prestigious living room.

A luxurious open-space living room with a marvelous area rug. The golden lights combined with the golden center table are astonishing and create a prestigious ambient. This is a stylish and effortless living room interior thanks to one of the best rugs.

An elegant living room with a neutral area rug that delimits the living room furniture. This is a minimalistic style meant to focus on functionality yet without losing the aesthetic. This living room has a beautiful white and beige sofa that pairs well with the rug and a lovely golden center table.

The best rugs are those that bring color and personality to a room. Here this round deep blue rug is so eye-catching that we can’t help but fall in love with it.

The best rugs are those with the most beautiful designs. Here in this mid-century living room, we have a lovely area rug with a dashing bird design. This is a stunning rug with gorgeous colors that are highlighted by the sober tones of the rest of the furniture. The center table is a nice addition to the room.

The best rugs are the ones that have the ability to turn any room into a cozy ambient while keeping it stylish. This colorful rug has a pretty pattern. The modern classic golden center table contrast with the contemporary sofa and creates a mix of eras in this living room.

A gorgeous living room rug with an interesting design that matches the hanging lights. It is a sophisticated ambient with marbled center tables and luxury furnishing. The best rugs have the ability to transform any room into an effortless dazzling living room.

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