Jean-Louis Deniot is known around the world for his varied and iconic interiors, his very own style. The french artist featured on lists of the world’s preeminent in architecture and interior design has long been in the business of creating atmospheres.

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Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot is regularly featured in international publications making him one of the most published designers of today. This recognition is due to the hard work and amazing projects he created all around the world: New York, Miami, Moscow, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Paris are some of the locations he has projects.

The interior designer undertakes each project with vigour. He conceives and defines novel design aesthetics with nuance and confidence.

Rug Design Ideas Presented by Jean-Louis Deniot banner best interior designers of paris

Rug Design Ideas Presented by Jean-Louis Deniot

For Jean-Louis Deniot balance and osmosis is everything. Contrasting the sometimes stiff side of architecture with an inner vision of refinement, comfort, and openness, resulting in havens.

To accomplish these amazing results he combines stunning materials and textures with delicate colour palettes, subdued tones, and exquisite lighting.

Rug Design Ideas Presented by Jean-Louis Deniot

Recognized for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires. An alliance between the classical language and modern aesthetics, his interiors are calm, beautiful, and dramatic, saturated with hints to earlier eras, but never conventional or literal.

Touraine Project

Rug Design ideas by Jean-Louis Deniot. Touraine project with lounge rug

In this private residence in France, the interior designer uses the rug to bring different textures and delimitate the living room area.

Eaton Place Project

Rug Design ideas by Jean-Louis Deniot. Eaton Place project with brown lounge rug

The lounge rug Deniot uses brings magic to this London Appartement. The rug has the power to complete the room and give it a comfortable look to the room.

Sainte Lucie Project

Rug Design ideas by Jean-Louis Deniot. Sainte Lucie project with areas defined by rugs

In this amazing project, we can see the importance the rugs have in the design. This house has an enormous social area where we can find the living room, an office and the dining room. We can easily distinguish the different spaces with the rugs and their various styles and colours.

Chelsea Down Town

Rug Design ideas by Jean-Louis Deniot. Chelsea Down Town project with full covering rug

This New Yorker Appartement feels complete and welcoming with the full covering rug used in this design.

Doheny Drive Project

Rug Design ideas by Jean-Louis Deniot. Doheny Drive project with full covering geometric rug

A timeless design created with the amazing and characteristic walls fulfilled with the history, the modern classic furniture and geometric rug used by Deniot.

Inspired by the Look

Inspired by the Look

Flamingo Project

Rug Design ideas by Jean-Louis Deniot. Flamingo project with blue and white rug

This modern design is finished with the dégradé rug that gives a feeling of depth and volume of the room.

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