90s Urban-Inspired Rugs are very trendy now. With a selection of colors, materials, and patterns, these unique rugs will enhance your beautiful design projects.

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Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

In this article, we had selected our favorite trends: 90s Urban and Transparency to inspire you for the upcoming seasons. Vibrant bright colors, geometric-shaped furniture, and lots of funky patterns are the primary art elements of the 90’s urban trend.

90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

The 90s are coming back next season, so check these inspirational ideas in order to have the best stylish interior with the best creative rug designs that exist.

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

A more socially connected generation can take advantage of these micro-trends and use them in different ways to transform the ambiances around them. Watercolors, creative hand-painted walls and wallpaper murals are definitely from the ’90s, and we will be seeing a lot for the next season.

It’s time to get bolder: use and abuse of colors, contemporary pieces and ultimate crazy neon lights to make the most out of this 90s style

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

The key to this trend’s success lies in odd design elements that stimulate these urban-inspired rugs. Don’t be afraid to exploit unusual materials and features with clear touches of industrial outlines, exposed components, and clean finishes.

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs


Fashion brands like Supreme and Off-White are bringing the 90s back. Cloth items like oversized white t-shirts, dungarees, bold patterns, sportswear and caps, and the very on-trend luxury tracksuits that are practically a statement into our present generation

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

90s Urban-Inspired Rugs: Transparency

If your interior design project needs light and air, what better way than using transparency to elevate the space? There are plenty of ways to use this trend: incorporate glass space dividers, glass walls, windows, or even light materials.

Transparency promotes your interior decor granting meaning and purpose to all your favorite furniture. Every detail is an element key in balancing the space. If you look to collect different and unique objects, make sure to include space transparency.

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

Layering multiple planes creates a continuous sense of space activity and depth. This trend is all about beauty and singularity, and the best way to achieve this is by creating opening and lighting spaces.

Another way to bring lightness and transparency is through the choice of materials and textures. Use soft colors, such as grey and beige, and explore nature inside your living spaces!

Design Trends: 90s Urban-Inspired Rugs

In terms of fashion, this trend will be translated into sheer fabrics and other see-through variations. These textiles will be trendy and, in some cases, purely natural, like silk or cotton

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