Baku designers have the privilege of working on the city that is thought to be the architectural love child between the cities of Paris and Dubai. Few cities in the world are changing as quickly and nowhere else in the Caucasus do East and West blend as seamlessly or as chaotically. 

The historical centre of Baku reveals its tumultuous past, from its roots as a Persian capital, through its oil boom to its Soviet occupation. The old city is a maze of alleys, mosques, historic buildings and remnants of fortifications; the city hosts vibrant arts and cultural activities, as well as a bustling modern business sector.

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1 – ADDA Project

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

ADDA Project is an architect and interior design firm that offers full-cycle services from a design project to a construction site and furnishing. The designers rely on a rational approach to design, making sure that the clients’ wishes are present in every corner.

2 – Baroque Style

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Baroque Style is an architectural and construction company that was founded by Elena Korol in 2008. The company is known to complete projects with maximum complexity, having already accumulated vast experience in construction services, Baroque Style covers projects in commercial, government and residential thus establishing themselves as a reliable partner.

3 – Rich Interiors

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Rich Interiors offers a wide range of floor coverings, wall coverings, tiles, ceramic tiles, bathroom furniture and accessories, kitchen furniture, lighting, parquet and other latest fashion products. The firm offers high-quality design and consulting services.

4 – Inno Design

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Inno Design is a construction, repair and design firm with a unique and modern take on design, following a project from beginning to end, making sure the clients’ home is beautiful, comfortable and functional.


Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

COBALT is an interdisciplinary studio that collaborates with creative professionals from various fields, including architects, designers, strategists, urbanists, scientists, social anthropologists, developers and thinkers with the purpose to stimulate multi-dimensional discussion where diverse opinions from a different perspective are involved. 

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

6 – Dinamik Yapi

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Dinamik Yapi is an architectural and design company that carries out a very high taste and graceful sketched projects for suburban houses, offices, landscape and commercial projects. Covering styles from Modern, Classic to Art-Deco and High-Tec, the company’s goal is to make sure the clients’ wishes are in every part of the project.

7 – Fe26 Design

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Fe26 Design offers its customers high-quality and applicable solutions for their projects, showcasing the power of its designs by producing different alternatives for everyone.

8 – Orange Studio

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Orange Studio is one of the modern companies in the field of architecture, which has been operating since 2017 and has made its mark in a short time. The main goal of the design’s team is to achieve effective results by creating unique projects in a modern style, using different styles.

9 – ARKA Construction

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

ARKA Construction was founded in 2002 and since then has built and repaired many residential and commercial projects. The main factor that gives ARKA Inshaat LLC a competitive advantage in the areas in which it operates is its unique and unique architectural style. The company’s projects combine consumer desires and aspirations with national ornaments and a style that combines all the subtleties of modern architecture.

10 – Yeni Memar

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Yeni Memar is an international architecture and design consultancy focusing on strategy, architecture and design for the corporate, public sector and education clients for new build, refurbishment and heritage projects.

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11 – KARE

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

12 – Victoria Studio

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Victoria Studio has been operating in the repair and construction sector of Azerbaijan since January 2005. From the moment it started its activity, Victoria Studio has always won the satisfaction and trust of its customers by providing them with high-quality products. 


Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

ITALDIZAIN Group is a luxury retail company that combines 5 areas: furniture, ceramics, tableware, textiles, jewellery and watches. ITALDIZAIN follows the tradition of achieving perfectionism at the level of corporate culture, exceeding the expectations of clients in retail, real estate, restaurant and agricultural businesses.

14 – Zaferoglu Inshaat

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

The main activity of Zaferoglu Inshaat is repair, construction and design work. So far, the company has received a large number of orders for various repair and design works, successfully completed projects and handed them over to their owners with deep customer satisfaction.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

15 – Farid Mahmudov

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Farid Mahmudov is an architect that has been designing architectural and interior projects since 2005, for both commercial and residential projects.

16 – Afshan Studio

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Afshan Studio was founded in 2008 and specialises in interior solutions as well as design development. The studio follows a project from start till the end, using high-quality products that follow trends.

17 – Sabina Arif Interiors

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Sabina Arif Interiors brings cosiness and convenience to every project they work on, helping create unique and personal spaces where each element corresponds to the clients’ unique style.

18 – Pattern A&D

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Pattern A&D was founded to create the most effective, stylish and comfortable spaces with modern design trends. The company develops both drawing and budget for the client, with high-quality specialists starting and delivering luxury designs.

19 – Mebelux Mebel

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Mebelux Mebel has been producing all kinds of furniture and decoration items for over 10 years, covering apartments, restaurants and shops, with high-quality and fit for the customers’ taste.

20 – Design House

Baku, A City Filled With Amazing Designers

Design House was founded by Mahir Shahmar and the firm has the philosophy that design isn’t a simple trade or art, it is the perennial source of vital strengths.

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