Sixtine Dubly – Flowers: Art & Bouquets

Sixtine Dubly is a French journalist, writer and curator of flowers, art and crafts.

The main topic here is about flowers: who doesn’t love them? They can give us inspiration, joy, happiness and their model is so fashionable.

sixtine dubly

French journalist Sixtine Dubly has interviewed the greatest artists, designers and stars of the international scene over the last fifteen years. Wherever he goes, he follows emerging trends and brings talent, maintaining contact with modern design and lifestyle all over the world. He has collaborated with Architectural Digest, Marie Claire Maison and Le Nouvel Observateur, among others, and currently writes for the lifestyle section of the Paris Match magazine, where he deals with design.

sixtine dubly

You can see in this book that he wrote, the single and delicate gem and the explosion of colorful flowers, the beauty of flowers that has inspired artists, designers and other creators for centuries. Fiori’s book shows a glorious profusion of floral images across a vast spectrum of artistic media and time periods.

sixtine dubly

sixtine dubly

Production designer Sixtine Dubly tells the evolution of floral design in this extraordinary compendium, which also features an extraordinary work by over forty contemporary floral artists in London, Paris and New York, from the minimalist to the elaborate. This treasure of splendid images flourishes in resplendent colors before the eyes of the reader.

sixtine dubly

sixtine dubly

It’s a really good book to have in your table to be inspired whenever you need it.

Do you like Sixtine Dubly style?

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