Rugs hung like paintings on the wall.

How did the tradition of hanging rugs on walls instead of covering your floor? It was always thought that their place was under our feet and not in plain sight on a wall. But in several design magazines, rugs often take the place of paintings. It is also true that they increasingly resemble true works of art, especially those that abandon the classic prints and geometries to represent animals or anthropomorphic figures.

This custom, however, has ancient roots: you probably never noticed it, but you will certainly have seen some movies set in the Middle East or in Russia, maybe old films. Here, surely, the function of the rug was to cover the walls and not the floors. The reasons for this choice were essentially two: the first, and most important, concerns isolation. In fact, these protected from the cold, further isolating the walls, and from the noise, thanks to the acoustic insulating power of the upholstery articles. This was the most functional motivation, linked to the survival of those who resided in that place. The second reason is that historically they allowed to demonstrate the wealth and prestige of the house, showing visitors the quality of the rugs and gifts received.

This last motivation is true still today: the function of the rug is also to make one’s home more glamorous, without necessarily flaunting wealth, but it is certainly a furniture that does not go unnoticed.

So, if you want modern beings and you have a lot of space on the walls, you could build your own collection of works of art on rug, thus surprising guests with this original and unexpected touch. 

Break the patterns and try something new to give new life to your decor.

Do you like this style?

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