Minimal art.

Minimal art is a furnishing trend that blossoms during the Sixties and that puts at the center of the furnishing choices the enhancement of the simplicity of the elements, with the aim of highlighting the furniture inserted in the home space.


Therefore, with respect to more modern trends, which prefer chaos, confusion and the mixing of furniture and furnishings of different origins, the minimal style is linked to a simple way of life, preferring practicality over form, often excessive.


The English word minimal is translated into Italian with minimal, simple, therefore a term to indicate essentiality and practicality. In the furnishing field, the minimal art was coined and used for the first time in 1965 by the English philosopher Richard Wollheim who, in an article for the magazine Arts Magazine, wanted to indicate the concept of minimal reduction, or to give importance only to essential elements.


In design, being minimalist means eliminating unnecessary and repetitive elements, and working to create an object, in this case a piece of furniture or an environment that is simple and balanced. To do this, the white color is the color that most helps designers to achieve their purpose, as it creates empty space and focuses people’s attention to the object.


When you decide to furnish your home according to the principles of the minimal art style, a decision that often reflects your soul, means privileging the essentiality and functionality in the choice of furnishings, thus creating space in the home to be able to move more easily, without clutter of useless objects. Especially considering the fact that modern houses are built with reduced dimensions compared to the 70s and 80s, it becomes important to choose and focus on what is needed, eliminating the superfluous.


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