Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

Kelly Wearstler and her best hospitality project will be our topic today. The great enthusiasm Kelly Wearstler has for telling a distinctive story and imposing a point of view is evident in her designs. From interior design and architecture to creative direction and brand identity, Kelly Wearstler creates a unique, synchronized experience based on design alchemy.

Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

The Los Angeles-based company, which was founded in 1995 as an interior design studio, has transformed into an interdisciplinary global lifestyle brand that is driving the conversation about contemporary design through experiential Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, and Retail destinations as well as an extensive portfolio of home product designs and brand collaborations. In today’s article, we’ll cover Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects.

Four Seasons Anguilla Hotel

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

Kelly Wearstler‘s first overseas destination was the 40-acre Four Seasons Anguilla. The design of the private resort raises the idea of Caribbean luxury while paying careful attention to and respecting the island’s terrain and cultural history. Alabaster, heirloom woods, marble walls, driftwood lamps, petrified wood tables, inlaid shell consoles, mixed metal accents, travertine floors, and a book-matched marble floating bar combine to create Wearstler’s distinctive blend of organic components.

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Downtown Los Angeles Proper

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

In Kelly Wearstler‘s Downtown LA Proper, a classic California Renaissance Revival structure is infused with a joyful ambiance. Vibrant global influences—Mexican modernism with a blend of French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Moroccan design elements. A fusion of modern eclecticism with fantasy hand-crafted custom designs made by local Los Angeles artists includes vintage hand-carved furniture and hand-made rugs, beautiful vintage and custom tiles, rich woods, and the powerful sculptural detailing of the original architecture.

San Francisco Proper Hotel

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

The best of the old world and the most vibrant of the new are combined in the Kelly Wearstler design of the San Francisco Proper hotel. In its surprising fusion of custom and vintage furnishings, custom wallcoverings and lighting, hand-selected artworks, local artifacts, deep colors, rich textures, and natural materials that complement the patina of the original building, the hotel, which is housed in a 1926 landmark Beaux-Arts building, creates an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and sensual.

Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

Santa Monica Proper Hotel is an opulent yet laid-back beachfront getaway with a refined aesthetic designed by Kelly Wearstler. The property’s design identity and its built-in storytelling were inspired by the geography, culture, and iconography of its namesake city. The space is peppered throughout with artistic renditions of classic coastal themes. With its wide collection of modern and vintage books, found artwork, and contemporary pieces by local artists, the cove-like library and gallery space known as The Grotto evokes an artistic living room in a home by the sea.

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Kelly Wearstler Hospitality Projects

Villon Restaurant

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

The Villon restaurant, named after Jacques Villon, a French Cubist painter and artist from the turn of the 20th century, is located in the renovated historic lobby of the almost 100-year-old landmark flatiron-style building of the San Francisco Proper Hotel. The custom bar made of Negro Marquina marble, wood, and brass in the main Villon dining room dominates the space with a towering spirits library. The room’s blue and black theme is delicately accentuated with wood, stone, metals, and glass.

Austin Proper

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

With a serene color scheme of earthy blues and warm rusts combined with contrasting patterns, the nuanced, unique aesthetic of Austin Proper draws on an Austin-specific legacy of artistry and craftsmanship. Eye-catching features are inspired by the historical significance of Austin’s stately homes, from a sculptural staircase installation of patchworked old rugs paying homage to art nouveau to arts & crafts patterns, textiles, and materials. Every surface adds textural variety, and local artists and materials are prominently highlighted throughout.

Goldie’s Cocktail Lounge and Bar

Get To Know Kelly Wearstler Best Hospitality Projects

With an irresistible invitation for total immersion within a cozy, carefree, and energetic residential ambiance, the ultrafeminine Goldie’s cocktail lounge and bar artistically fuses the past and contemporary. With its plush salon seating in golden Roussillon brushed velvet chairs, Sudbury yellow chenille sofas, richly patterned vintage rugs, and linen upholstered walls patterned with the Golden Warbler, Austin city’s local bird, among blooming florals, in this place Kelly Wearstler pays hip homage to a decadent southern tearoom of olden times.

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