Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022

Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022 will be our topic today. When it comes to restaurant design, everything matters, from the stunning view to the conveniences and the right furniture choices. If you want your guests to be completely delighted, creating a pleasant modern interior design is essential.

Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022

As the saying goes, “guests will come for your cuisine but remain for a while because of the ambiance,” hence selecting the right colors, design style, furniture, and lighting scheme are critical to creating the perfect layout and providing consumers with an outstanding dining experience. So in this article, we’ll cover the Top restaurant interiors of 2022 with thoughtfully chosen accents to inspire you.

Pukkel – Huesca, Spain

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@Pukkel Restaurant

Pukkel is a fine dining restaurant located in Huesca, features a healthy menu, and, according to the founders, tries to provide “a sensual experience beyond gastronomy”. With curving, textured forms, to mirror the grandeur of the nearby Pyrenees mountains and landscape, the interior designed by Masquespacio employs a palette of natural materials and colors.

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Sketch’s Gallery Dining Area

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@The Gallery at Sketch

Located in London, Sketch’s Gallery dining area has been remodeled by Yinka Shonibare and architect India Mahdavi. With warm golden colors and tactile materials, its interior also includes five hand-carved wooden masks as well as 10 framed quilts, which replicate African masks collected by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso to bring a “warm feel of Africa”.

Piada Restaurant

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@Piada Restaurant

The Piada Restaurant is located in Lyon, Italy, and was designed by the Masquespacio Studio. Combining retro design elements from traditional Italian restaurants, like marble and gold finishes, with colors and materials intended to complement the restaurant’s healthy food selection. Also, a garland of luxuriant plants and flowers is draped in floor-to-ceiling arched windows, which were designed to entice visitors in from the street.

Laurel Brasserie and Bar 

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@Laurel Brasserie and Bar 

The Laurel Brasserie and Bar is located inside The Grand America Hotel, a grandiose structure on South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. The hotel opened in 2001, with furnishings inspired by classic European designs, and Home Studios used these inspirations to create bright and colorful rooms for casual family-style dining at the brasserie, but with a contemporary twist. The restaurant is divided into various rooms, each with its own design and color scheme.

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The Ritz-Carlton, Amman

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@The Ritz-Carlton, Amman

The Ritz-Carlton, Amman designed by Stickman Tribe, ushers in a new era in Jordanian and Middle Eastern culture. Raising the bar for service, comfort, and lifestyle in the area, and promising inhabitants a one-of-a-kind experience. With a splendid view, warm tones, and refined design of the iconic Daylan Counter Stools, the overall ambiance emanates a sleek, modern vibe with a few odd accents to balance the draw of traditional Italian design with the allure of the new age.

Terra Restaurant

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@Terra Restaurant, Ukraine

Designed by YOD Group, the Terra Restaurant is located in Ukraine. To replicate the earthy nature outside, terracotta tiles and slabs of green glass were used with clusters of soft, low-slung armchairs, and sofas grouped around meandering and rectilinear dark hardwood tables. The seating sections are only divided by big spherical columns encased in glass bricks that are illuminated from the interior to create a watery green illumination meant to mirror the neighboring lake.

Syrena Irena Bistro

Discover The Top Restaurant Interiors Of 2022
@Syrena Irena bistro, Warsaw

Located in an early 1950s building in the city center that was previously used as a hotel cafe, the Syrena Irena Restaurant in Warsaw was designed by the Projekt Praga architecture firm, which blended modern and mid-century features. The interior’s color scheme blends blue and coral tones, it also has a self-service setup that pays attention to both the building’s architecture and the bistro’s nostalgic cuisine to add to the homely and casual feel.

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