Geometric Rugs And How They Can Transform an Interior

Geometric rugs come in a vast array of forms and patterns, including lovely floral prints, attractive diamond motifs, spectacular trellis patterns, and more. They can create a color contrast within the room’s interior design that will add a little flavor to any interior and stand out from any other one. Make your design project unique with a designed rug.

Geometric Rugs: How To Transform A Home Interior With Them

Geometric rugs are rising in popularity nowadays, whether it is for their colorful pattern or innovative design, there is a lot of choices out there. Geometric rugs are technically any rugs that have geometrical shapes (circles, squares, and triangles) or have proportionate lines incorporated into their pattern. Here is our selection of the best geometric rugs in 2022.

Geometric Rugs for a mid-century living room with purple hues

Geometric rugs due to their resemblance to mid-century designs, they fit well in within this style and with mid-century couches, armchairs, and center tables. The PRISMA RUG I, has a beautiful pattern with purple hues that reflect an air of luxury and wealth. The brass side table in golden hues also is a nice addition to this living room décor.

Geometric Rugs

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Geometric Rugs with light cream colors for hallway

The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of the cream and beige geometric rugs are able to create a calming, soft, and comfortable area in your home. To create a sophisticated and easy room decor, it is best to choose light-colored tones, the OSCAR RUG has a beautiful design that will enhance the beauty of your room while also making the room look brighter and wider.

modern contemporary area rug with a geometric design. Geometric Rugs


Geometric Rugs for the library with earthy colors in orange and black

The ANTELOPE RUG has a black and white design with a pop of vibrant orange that makes it stand out in a room. Orange is a lovely, warm color that goes especially well with brown tones and creates a comfy space. These tones are ideal for a library where you come to read and relax as well as rest from the busy day.

Geometric Rugs with black and silver rug with geometric design

The OCLI RUG radiates sophistication and elegance with its black and silver geometric design. Silver looks fantastic with white and gray, but typically pairs best with black. These colors stand out against silver effectively, drawing our attention to it without overwhelming it with color. The rug decorates this hallway with gracefulness without overpowering it.

gray geometric rugs for reading corner or living room decor

The JOH RUG has a graphic design that is influenced by the interplay of light and shadows with several color perspectives in relief. This vibrant rug is the ideal Mid-Century piece due to the references to wood brown hues.

rug society catalogue. Geometric Rugs

The Most Stunning Contemporary Geometric Rugs

Geometric Rugs with a gray area rug in different shades for a luxurious space

The gray and monochrome design of the AIR RUG is gentle, classy, and inviting. The geometric pattern and 3D effect of this rug accentuate the elegance of the from and match beautifully with the faux-marbles sideboard. The golden round mirror is the final touch to make this a dazzling hallway.

modern geometric rug with several tones of gray. Geometric Rugs


Geometric Rugs with dark neutral tones and round rug with table and mirror.

This customized version of the KLEOPATRA RUG in dark neutral tones brings a calming aura to this room. The KOI TABLE made of brass and clear top of glass paired with the luxurious round mirror and the round rug create a peaceful décor full of elegance.

Geometric Rugs with geometric rug in brown, black and white colors.

One benefit of geometric carpets is their ability to blend in, which is a wonderful quality for fashionable living room furniture. The neutral hues of the WAIZEN RUG complement the armchair and center table while adding an elegant flair.

Geometric Rugs with black and white rug and white sofa.

The FELINE RUG is a gorgeous geometric rug that has a black and white base with vibrant colors such as orange and green. A simple geometric rug provides a sleek basis for a sumptuous living area. The room would look plain without the rug decorating the floor and bringing some depth.

modern contemporary black and white rug with a pop of color. Geometric Rugs

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