Guille García Hoz Rug Design Inspiration

Guille García Hoz while pursuing a degree in mathematical science, he worked as a data analyst; numbers were his life. After some time, he came to the conclusion that something was missing—possibly chatting to people. He is a proponent of handicrafts, interpersonal interaction, and traditional methods of production.

Because definding them is defending who we are and our cultural heritage.


Guille García Hoz Collection

As a result, he explores, locates, and uncovers artisan workshops from different pasts of Spain. By fusing their expertise with design, he created a collection that he now offers to you. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the ideal present or the finishing touch for any decoration, adding character and good deeds. His brand is located in Madrid where they design since 2012.

Guille García Hoz Projects

Get inspired by Guille García Hoz best designs that showcase amazing rugs. Here are our favorite designs from them.

Guille’s house

Living room by Guille García Hoz with blue and white sofas, blue armchairs, white and blue rug
Guille García Hoz

This distinctive and peaceful living area is modern and contemporary. with flawlessly blended textures and colors.

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Guille García - Hoz Rug Design Inspiration
living room and dining room by Guille García Hoz with white table and chairs, blue sofa, white hamrock and decorative elements
Guille García Hoz

One can’t deny how this is one of the most unique interior design ideas. A living room design that is absolutely astonishing. The vibrant hues and neutral colors set the tone and create the ideal ambiance.

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living room by Rug'Society with red armchair, white sofa and white center table

Although it is tucked under other items, you can still feel the captivating personality of this apex predator because of how strong and imposing this great rug is.

dining room and office by Guille García Hoz with red rug, white table and chairs and beige lamp
Guille García Hoz

A flawless blending of the old and the modern with well-presented ornamental pieces to create a distinctive environment.

Guille García - Hoz Rug Design Inspiration


bedroom by Guille García Hoz with white bed and vanity
Guille García Hoz

The ideal bedroom for kids who appreciate femininity and individuality is this one. If your child is the type that enjoys having fun indoors, this bedroom will fulfill all of their fantasies.

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bedroom by rug'society with grey and green rug and green cabinets and headboard

The Merfilus Rug, which holds the theme of the room on its own, is a wonderful complement to any environment since the soft colors and contemporary design go so well together, especially in a bedroom decorated in pastel hues.


living room by Guille García Hoz with green carpet, glass center table, blue sofa and leather armchairs
Guille García Hoz

For those who enjoy exciting environments where the brilliant colors make us feel like we’re outside even while we’re inside our favorite location, check out this contemporary, colorful living room.

living room by Guille García Hoz with green carpet, glass center table, blue sofa, plants and leather armchairs
Guille García Hoz

This is the best illustration of how to use the skillful technique to bring the outside within. Get energized by this chic and enjoyable space.

Guille García - Hoz Rug Design Inspiration


restaurant by Guille García Hoz with white, black and metallic chairs and colorful decorative elements
Guille García Hoz

This distinctive restaurant is for those who enjoy distinct features and vivid colors. The color palette and furniture design are a fantastic complement, creating a cozy atmosphere in the space. Consider pulling inspiration from these restaurants’ décor for your own endeavors.

Restaurant by Guille García Hoz with black tables and chairs, yellow mini cooper and decorative elements in the celing
Guille García Hoz

This design features the ideal detail placement and a geometric style, which contributes to a distinctive and entirely eclectic appearance.

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