The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile

Here are the latest home decor ideas from iSaloni 2022! The Salone Del Mobile showcased the best brands and products on the market. Because it’s impossible to visit everything at the show, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful booths we’ve seen at the fair. Be prepared to see the most stunning contemporary rugs that were on display at the fair.

Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile

Since it might have been difficult to visit every single stand at the fair, as there are over 2,173 exhibitors, we have compiled a list of the best home decor ideas we found through each stand. If you’re seeking for the best furniture and luxury carpets to decorate your future projects, we have the inspiration you need.

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The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Rug society stand at isaloni 2022

At Salone Del Mobile, Rug’Society, BRABBU, Maison Valentina, and Home’Society were among the most refined luxury companies present. These companies have a large collection of sophisticated products to create a whole room set, eliminating the need to purchase items separately. For those wishing to design unique residences while keeping to a current contemporary aesthetic, these brands are the way to go to find the best home decor ideas.

The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Feline rug is a modern rug from rug society that was at isaloni 2022

Rug’Society is a brand that wishes to inspire you with remarkable rugs inspired by art, culture, and history. At this event, the brand introduced bold and contemporary designs, always looking to the future and giving its products a unique, exceptional, and opulent appearance. While at their stand you could explore the world of luxury tapestries, where a diverse range of perspectives, styles, and colors come together to produce magnificent works of art.

The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Brabbu stand at isaloni

BRABBU had the honor of presenting one-of-a-kind products while launching a new collection line of high-end products. The BOHOL Modular Sofa was one of these new products that the brand displayed. The sofa was designed to stand out in any modern setting. This modern modular sofa has a recessed black lacquered base that allows you to make the most of your living room space. This brand offers one of the best home decor ideas.

The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Maison valentina and Diamond bathtub

Maison Valentina also showcased unique pieces made meticulously by the best Portuguese experts featuring the best-handcrafted techniques and high-end materials. The brand’s products dazzled us with elegance and exquisiteness with their luxury bathroom home decor ideas.

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The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile, Neutral beige rug for living room

The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG creates a magnificent and sumptuous living room. The Imperial Snake rug is based on one of the oldest mythical symbols, the snake, which represents metamorphosis and life’s strength. The light beige tones, along with the golden hues of the armchairs and sofa, create a glitzy atmosphere.

The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Modern classic dining room with black and white rug

As soon as we walked inside this stand at Salone del mobile, we were blown away by the attention to detail. The COUPLE RUG lends sophistication and elegance to this dining area, and its delicate splash of color complements the dining chairs and pendant lighting. This interior design is finished off with a golden round mirror.

The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Modern contemporary master bedrooom with yellow hues

The bedroom is the perfect location to show off your personality, so if you like bright and strong colors, this interior design may be right for you. The VALENCIA RUG is a well-known contemporary rug that immediately draws your attention when you walk in. This design is opulent and elegant, especially when paired with the bathroom’s rich furnishings in golden tones. This master bedroom is one of the most ideal home decor ideas for summer.

The Latest Home Decor Ideas From Salone Del Mobile. Modern dining room decor with blue rug.

Covet House had displayed a handpicked collection of modern designs from the world’s best furniture, lighting, and accessory designers. One of the products that stood out to us was the AGATHA RUG. Blue area rugs are excellent home decor ideas to refresh your interior.

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