9 of the Best Wall Decor Rugs Present At The iSaloni Fair

Let yourself be amazed by 9 of the best Wall decor Rugs at the iSaloni Fair. At iSaloni 2022, Rug’Society will for sure have the finest luxury wall decor rugs. The Portuguese company’s goal is to manufacture beautiful rugs and carpets that will turn your home into an art exhibition. Come visit Rug’Society’s stand at Pavillon 3, D-18-D20 and prepare to be astonished by beautiful contemporary designs.


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Pavilion 15 – Stand G25-G27 | H26-H28

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iSaloni Fair: The Most Beautiful Wall Decor Rugs

If you visit our stand at the iSaloni fair, you won’t be disappointed. You will encounter the most beautiful wall decor rugs that make them look as if paintings rather than simple covering solutions for your home interior. Rug’Society delivers a bold and contemporary design, always looking forward and providing our items with a one-of-a-kind, special, and luxurious look.

iSaloni Fair: urban collection of rugs at salone del mobile with inkage rug


Get ready to discover one of the most sumptuous carpets for interiors at the iSaloni fair. The INKAGE RUG takes its inspiration from the art of tattooing which tells a story through the skin. Like tattoos, this handcrafted rug will reflect your individuality through your home design and make you feel comfortable. As you see it hung on the wall at our stand, it will feel as if you are observing a piece of art at a museum.

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iSaloni Fair: the DÊCO RUG is at the salone del mobile with its gray and white hues


Next to the Inkage rug, we have the DÊCO RUG. A more classic and neutral type of rug that fits well in a modern classic interior design as well as contemporary. Its unique shape will make it stand out as it styles the floors or walls of your home. The Dêco Rug is a sophisticated and contemporary rug that complements any interior furniture perfectly.

iSaloni Fair: modern rug in black and white with a pop of color and a tiger trapped within the striped design.


When you move to the other side of the wall, here we have exposed the FELINE RUG. A modern black and white rug with a pop of color that represents the conflict between wildlife and humanity. The striped rug design symbolizes the imprisonment of the tiger that can’t attack its prey. An astonishing design that will leave your mouth open as you see it in real life a the iSaloni fair. Come see it for yourself at pav.3, stand D18-D20.

iSaloni Fair: geometric rug with a mid-century vibre for an amazing wall decor


The ANTELOPE RUG is great for bringing magic to your projects with its geometric design and warm hues. A gorgeous rug that fits in a mid-century decor as well as contemporary. Made of the best materials such as natural wool and botanical silk, this rug will bring warmth and a cozy feeling to your interior too. A fabulous piece that you can visit at the iSaloni fair this year.

iSaloni Fair: w neutral area rug perfect for a nude living room color palette.


The APOLLO RUG incorporates historical connections to the Greek God Apollo, as well as the youth and brightness that he represents. Its neutral hues make it easy for it to complement any interior design. This rug is perfect to style a hallway, making it a wonderful place to admire and set the tone for the rest of the house.



Exclusive Wall Decor Rugs Present At The iSaloni Fair

iSaloni Fair: Black and yellow rug inspired by street art and reflect revolution and rebellion exposing at Salone del mobile 2022


The DISRUPTION RUG splashes the stand with color and a revolutionary vibe. This contemporary rug inspires you to go beyond your comfort zone. Its design was inspired by street art and the act of disruption, and it is designed to sound radical, cool, and to encourage you to rebel against the establishment.

iSaloni Fair: the most romantic rug at isaloni 2022, a black and white design with brown hues and bird design


The COUPLE RUG is the perfect piece for your décor if you are a romantic at heart. This modern rug has an excellent design that provides an air of love, intrigue, and magic to any space, reminding us that love and our relationships should never be taken for granted.

iSaloni Fair: beautiful wall rug hanging on the wall of Rug society stand at isaloni 2022


This rug was designed to reflect the elegance and grace of the bird. The rug’s design has beautiful colors that stand out in a room. Hand-tufted with botanical silk this rug has an unique appeal that makes you fall in love with it at first glance at the iSaloni fair.

iSaloni Fair: Rug'Society stand at iSaloni 2022, exhibiting fantastic contemporary rugs on the walls and floor.

The REDLEH RUG is a contemporary luxury rug inspired by the Chinese dragon. This symbol was one of the four sacred animals summoned by the creator God to assist in the formation of the universe, according to Chinese mythology. It will be a stunning addition to your interior and will add a mystical feel. You can come see it for yourself at the iSaloni fair.

modern classic area rug in golden and silver hues with dragon design

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