Design inspirations by Featured Interiors Las Vegas

Design Inspirations by Featured Interiors Las Vegas

Design Inspiration is one very good way to start your own planned interior design, and Featured Interiors by Natasha Sanchez are a great source of inspiration. Since 2003, Featured Interiors has been developing and demonstrating innovative interior design solutions for residential, business, and hospitality clients throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

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Design Inspirations by Natasha Sanchez

Natasha Sanchez has shown excitement, high-quality standards, long-term client relationships, negotiation skills, and the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. She enjoys working in groups and hopes to inspire moments of exploration, reflection, and inspiration. Her dedication and intuition have a status of their own.

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Design Inspiration in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the top destinations for fun and good times. The stakes are high and the travelers are demanding. With that in mind, the city needs to fulfill its promises of luxury and exclusiveness. In this article, we will show you how Featured Interiors Las Vegas did it with style and give you some interior design inspiration.

Here are some design inpirations with Featured Interiors Las Vegas

1 – A distinct rug on a dining table

Featured Interiors Interior design

An amazing way to delineate spaces is through a distinguishable rug. This one is a great example of that. The main colors of the rug match the kitchen’s design, but some of the other colors create a contrast that separates the dining table space from the remaining of the kitchen.

2 – Living room design inspiration

Featured Interiors Interior design

This living room is truly a design inspiration. The way that the colors of the rug match with the elements of the room tells us how much thought was put into this design. The painting on the wall is also a very good way to create this kind of color theme through the design.

3 – Baccarat Bar and Lounge

Featured Interiors Interior design

This commercial space is a design inspiration for everyone. The rug on the floor uses natural elements to portray luxury and exclusiveness. The colors are then matched by the furniture, with red, blue, and cream being the main colors of this design.

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4 – MGM Mansion Casino and Lounge

Featured Interiors Interior design

Another great work by Featured Designs Las Vegas. The purple tones of the rug are perfect to match the golden details of the windows and the marble walls. This smart way of creating a luxurious feeling in a very empty space is a great example of design inspiration for your own designs.

5 – Simple living room design

Featured Interiors Interior design

It’s also very important to be creative and to have good taste, even when the client wants a simple interior design. This one is a very nice example of it. The grey and cream tones are predominant, with the furniture colors matching the floor and the rug matching the walls, this one is a very good example for your design inspirations.

6 – MGM Mansion Casino and Lounge

Featured Interiors Interior design

Again on the casino and lounge of the MGM Mansion, this design uses again a technique of matching the colors of natural elements on the rug with the color of chairs and sofas. by doing so, it gives a sense of continuity to the design.

7 – Reading corner in a living room

Featured Interiors Interior design

This reading corner is, again, a very well-thought-out design by Featured Interiors. Once again, the rug delimitates the space with a contrast against the floor.

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8 – Excalibur High Limit Lounge

Featured Interiors Interior design

This lounge at the Excalibur Casino has a different approach to rug design. It matches the timeless vintage design of the chandeliers in color and aesthetics. The theme there is a vintage luxury and this design does a great job of making you feel just that. A great design inspiration.

9 – Bellagio Casino

Featured Interiors Interior design

The design of the Bellagio Casino maintains the trend of using natural elements on the rugs, with amazing color contrasts. This is a very nice way to portray luxury.

10 – Bellagio Presidential Suite

Featured Interiors Interior design

The Presidential Suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is an exquisite and luxurious design. The rugs and textures of this common area of the suite are incredibly giving some color matching with the outside views of the night sky in Las Vegas. This is a true design inspiration by Featured Designs Las Vegas.

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