Modern classic living room with Adller rug in black and white, with with koi center table, neutral sofa and armchairs.

Modern Carpet Ideas: The Best Rugs For Family Events

A Modern carpet is ideal to decorate the floors of a home interior with a nice modern design that will stand out and impress the family and guests. Rug’Society has the best rugs for all divisions of the house. From abstract patterns to geometric, striped, or minimalist, there is a lot to choose from. Create the perfect living or dining room area for family events with the help of the best rugs.

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Modern Carpet Ideas: The Best Rugs for family events

Modern Carpet Ideas: Where To Find The Best Rugs

A Modern carpet can be chic and stylish while protecting the floors of the house. It is the perfect item to create a fenomenal home interior effortlessly. Check out our selection of rugs that we think are the best choice when it comes to hosting family events.

Modern Carpet Ideas For the Living Room

Modern classic living room with Adller rug in black and white, with with koi center table, neutral sofa and armchairs.

A chic and stylish living room with the incredible modern carpet Adler Rug in black and white. This rug brings a elegant and classy look to this living room and paired with the Koi center table it elevates the room to the next level. The neutral soft pink colored armchairs bring softness to this space.


Adler Rug

The adler rug is the perfect item for your modern living room.

Modern Carpet Ideas: The Best Rugs for family events
Elegant living room with Cell rug and marble center table with neutral colored sofa with horus suspending lights.

This modern contemporary living room with neutral tones brings warmth and comfiness. This is the perfect ambient to gather around with family and play board games. The Cell Rug with its golden tones highlights the warm tones of this room.

Contemporary living room with green snake rug and bourbon velvet sofa with 2 koi side tables.

A modern contemporary living room with style and sophistication thanks to the Snake Rug. This modern carpet creates a dashing visual for its vibrant color and detailed pattern. The contrast with the black velvet Bourbon sofa and Koi side tables adds a sense of prestige to this room. Impress your family with a stunning interior design.

Neutral living room with white garden rug in white and beige armchairs with gray sofa with golden chandelier.

Neutral tones are very trendy at the moment, the White Garden rug is a beautiful rug with a rectangular pattern that creates a lovely visual effect. This modern carpet pairs nicely with a contemporary sofa and armchairs. The gold chandelier is the final touch to make this room incredible.

Modern contemproary living room with Black Ink Rug, diamond center table and supernova suspensing lights

A dashing interior with the Black Ink Rug inspired by urban art and calligraphy. The pattern matches very well with the diamond-shaped center table and gray sofa. The gold details of the round mirror and suspension lights add a sense of prestige.


Black Ink rug

Modern Carpet Ideas For the Dining Room

modern luxurious dining room with yarsa rug in neutral tones with suspension lights and long dining table

A classy dining room interior with a neutral-colored rug. The Yarsa carpet is a stunning piece that fits perfectly a modern interior. The round pattern is elegant yet simple.

Modern classic dining room with elegant air rug, soleil dining chair and gold dining table

Dining rooms are meant to be a place where the family gathers around to share a meal together and share about their daily life. The Air Rug with its three-dimensional pattern and soft texture grants a perfect ambient to do so. It not only keeps the feet warm from the cold floors but also decorates the room nicely.


Air Rug
Modern Carpet Ideas: The Best Rugs for family events
Modern contemporary dining room with the agatha rug, white dining chairs with suspension lights

This is a beautiful dining room with blue tones that grants a refreshing space. The Agatha rug with its abstract pattern creates a pretty visual sensation and pairs nicely with the white curved velvet dining chairs. The black dining table adds an elegant style to this room.

Luxurious dining room with Xisto Rug, dark green dining chairs and black and gold dining table with hera suspension lights

This is a luxurious dining room with the great Xisto Rug that elevates the room to the next level. This modern carpet has a lovely design that pairs golden tones with gray shades to create a sophisticated feeling.

Luxurious modern dining room with palm rug, green soleil dining chairs and black oval dining table

To finish we have the palm rug that decorates the floors of this modern contemporary dining room. This is an exquisite space with this modern carpet, green Soleil dining chair, and marbled black dining table.

Modern Carpet Ideas: The Best Rugs for family events

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