Stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

Transform your living room into a dashing interior with the most stylish Area rug. The Living room is a place to get cozy and gather with family for some quality time. The right area rug can turn a simple room into a stunning area that will make you want to spend more time in it. Rug’Society has the perfect rug for you.

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rug society catalogue: Stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

Stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

The living room is a space that we daily use, either is is to catch up with a friend over a cup of tea, to read a good book on a rainy day, or for a spontaneous movie night. A rug can define a space with its color palette and design. Check out our selection of rugs and let yourself be inspired for your future interior projects.

Stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

Modern contemporary living room with umlaza rug, gray sofa and center table

This is a minimalist modern living room with the Umlaza Rug decorating the floors. This rug’s pattern was inspired by the constellations and reflects a simple yet elegant look. This ambient is meant to offer a relaxing space to spend time with family.

Stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas
modern living room with black ink rug and supernova suspension lights with center table in a marble pattern

The Black Ink Rug is a beautiful piece meant to be mysterious and discreet yet not without making a statement. This area rug combined with the golden suspension lights, marbled center table and the gray sofa creates a dashing ambient.

Classy living room with valencia rug, white fitzroy sofa and black center table

A modern and classy living room in black and white and with a touch of color. The Valencia rug draws our attention thanks to its bright color that gives a “spilled” effect onto the monochrome pattern. This rug reflects the Spanish city of the same name with its vibrant color.

modern mid-century living room with coll rug and orange sofa

A modern contemporary living room with a minimalist interior design and an area rug. This Coll Rug represents the basic and primary illustrative forms of Marikmekko, a textile illustrator who favored simplicity in its patterns and colors. The black and white rug lets the bright couch shine and catch our attention.

all neutral living room with Heron rug and central table with beige sofa

This is a modern contemporary living room that radiates elegance and refinement. The neutral colors of this interior, especially on the Heron Rug serve to create a cozy ambient. The golden details of the coffee table add a luxurious feeling to the room.

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Modern living room with Adler Rug, center table and suspension lights

A luxurious living room with the fantastic Adler Rug in neutral colors. This rug has a beautiful pattern that highlights the rest of the living room furnishing. This is a sublime area rug that will for sure be a nice addition to your home interior.

classy vintage living room with Deco rug and blue sofa with center table in the middle and standing lamp in gold

A classic living room in tones of gray and blue that offers a relaxing atmosphere to the room. The Dêco Rug decorates the floors beautifully with its irregular shape and pattern. The blue sofa brings a touch of color and combined with the center table creates a stylish interior.

Modern living room with air rug, golden lights and armchairs with sofa

There isn’t a more stylish modern area rug than the Air rug. This interior has a minimalist style meant to highlight the functionality of each item. The gold suspension lights make this living room a luxurious space.

Splendid living room with snake Rug in green color and bourbon sofa with side tables

An elegant living room with a vibrant green area rug. The Snake Rug with its pattern and bold color is very eye-catching. The Bourbon Sofa and side tables add a sense of prestige with their golden details.

Kleopatra rug in a mid-century living room with bright orange armchairs

The Kleopatra rug is a stunning area rug that enhances the beauty of any living room. The bright orange and blue colors create a mid-century-styled interior that is gorgeous. This is an extremely stylish living room.

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Stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

White living room with area rug, suspension lights and marbled center table

A white area rug with a soft texture that seems very comfortable. The white color scheme of this living room makes the room look bigger and spacious. The marbled center tables and elegant hanging lights add a sense of modernity to this interior.

luxurious living room with gray area rug, center table and white sofa

A luxurious living room with an abstract area rug that covers a big portion of the floors. The rug matches well with the gray velvet armchairs and sofa. The round sleek center tables and hanging lights create an elegant atmosphere.

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stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

This spacious modern living room has white as its main color which gives it a neat and welcoming feeling. The Area rug has a geometric pattern of straight lines which almost look like a maze. This creates an optical illusion to the eye and makes this room very interesting.

stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

Another living room with a nice patterned rug that matches the center tables and armchairs. The green sofa brings a pop of color and gives life to this living room.

stylish Living Room Area Rug Ideas

A stylish living room with a gorgeous area rug and blue velvet sofa. The center table with a marbled top is a nice addition to this interior as well as the mirror. This is a stunning living room that is sure to leave your guests’ mouths open.

classic living room with area rug and imperfectio armchairs and suspension lights

Luxurious living room in gray tones with a touch of gold. The Area rug has a beautiful design that pairs well with the complex design of the chandeliers. The golden armchairs and gray sofas create a cozy ambiance with their plump appearance.

all gray living room with area rug, center table and suspension lights

A minimalist modern mid-century living room with a neutral area rug and gray armchairs. The white curved sofas stand out for their color and create a comfortable ambient. The suspension lights add elegance, as well as the center table.

Magnificent living room with area rug, center table and suspension lights

A modern living room with a stunning rug with 2 center tables with a marbled pattern and white velvet sofas. To finish the look there are the suspension lights that are splendid and add refinement to this interior.

Modern contemporary living room with white area rug and bold blue color

A modern contemporary living room with a neutral-colored rug that matches the couch and armchairs. The blue armchair pairs with the walls and the side table with the hanging lights. The center table is the central piece of this room and stands out for its bright color.

Modern living room with area rug and white sofa. Center table with white sofas, black suspension lights.

A nice modern and cozy living room with a beige rug and white mid-century sofa. The modern suspension lights bring elegance and modernity as well as the center table. This is a simple yet stylish room.

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Gray-colored rugs are ideal for the living room since they are easy to pair with other colors and create a relaxing ambient that puts your guests at ease. This mid-century living room has a soft carpet that adds a cozy feeling to the room.

A bright pink living room with a shaggy pastel area rug of the same color that matches with the plump armchairs and side table. This is a unique living room decor with a vibrant color that is ideal for those who love the color pink.

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