Salone Del Mobile is halfway through, as we strolled through the different stands here are the few that caught our attention with the best luxury rugs there can be. Prepare yourself to be astonished by some of these rug designs. As we know a room is not fully complete without a rug, here are some interior ideas to inspire you for your next big project.


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Salone Del Mobile: The Best Luxury Rugs

We were so impressed by what we saw at Salone Del Mobile that we had to share them with you. Let’s start with the Home’Society stand that reunites BRABBU and Rug’Society products. You’ll come across some of the most stunning wall décor rugs but also gorgeous pieces that complement a room entirely. Come with us to see what Salone Del Mobile has in store this year.

A modern contemporary living room design exhibited at Salone Del Mobile with area white rug


Our first stop at Salone Del Mobile is at BRABBU’s Stand. You are warmly welcomed by the WHITE GARDEN RUG which brings a charming aura to this living room set at the front of the stand. The neutral muted tones are ideal for those who love nude color palettes, the WHITE GARDEN highlights the center table and complements the sofa and armchairs.




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New urban collection at Salone Del Mobile by Rug Society


Of course, when we speak about luxury rugs we can’t forget about the INKAGE RUG. Its design is from the new urban collection and will add irreverent accents to any room it will decorate. This rug is perfect for a stylish home office or for a teenager’s bedroom. It creates a strong statement in the room with a modern contemporary design that expresses a unique atmosphere.

Salone Del Mobile features the most luxurious rugs with Rug'Society stand.


Since we are here let’s take a look at the REDLEH RUG which styles the floor of this stand. It is a dashing piece that matches perfectly with the curves of the WALES CURVED SOFA. The golden hues of the rug bring a luxurious feel to any room. The rug’s design is a dragon, an imaginary animal that represents abundance, success, and good luck in feng shui. It t is one of the most well-known symbols in art. In East Asian tradition, the dragon is also a sign of power, strength, and good fortune for those who are deserving.

Salone Del Mobile presents brabbu's shinto desk with the cauca rug, a home office that is perfect form working from home


The CAUCA RUG blends itself beautifully in this home office in BRABBU’S Stand. The geometric pattern present help in creating a pseudo-eclectic style. The Sleek black SHINTO DESK contrasts with elegance against the gray hues of the rug.



A meutral and minimalistic bedroom decor at Salone Del Mobile with gray rug with black flower design


The MURSI RUG adds warmth to this bedroom decor and complements the bed with grace. The rug was inspired by combining body painting motifs and animal’s footprints in an abstract pattern. To finish the interior decor, The ESSEX Bed was inspired by BRABBU’s Best-seller the ESSEX Armchair. What a beautiful decor, don’t forget to visit them at Salone del mobile if you have the chance.

The Most Beautiful Contemporary Rugs at Salone Del Mobile

Salone Del Mobile presents luxurious products in this modern contemporary living room with a beige color palette


Let’s move on to Boca do Lobo stand where we meet the IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG, a dashing area rug with beautiful details. The best of neutral tones are combined in this rug to create a luxurious and opulent interior design. This is one of our favorite stands of Salone del mobile for its delicate and elegant design.




An opulent dining room at Salone Del Mobile with a modern black and white rug


As soon as we walked into this set we were amazed by the incredible details. The COUPLE RUG brings elegance and sophistication to this dining room and its light pinch of color complements the dining chairs and suspension lights. The golden round mirror is the final touch to this interior design od Salone del mobile.

A dazzling and luxurious dining room with a green neutral area rug at Salone Del Mobile


This is such a luxurious and opulent dining room that we found at alone del mobile! The neutral green color scheme of the NEPTUNO RUG complements beautifully the golden hues of the dining chairs and of the dining table. The Suspension lights shine upon this rather dazzling decor to create a one-of-a-kind eating space.

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